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May 2022

LV= install helpline access in repair garages for men running on empty

New innovative initiative to provide men with a safe space to talk about their problems where they’d least expect it, at their local LV= repair garage. Launch comes as new research reveals 2 in 5 men are feeling the pressures of family life like never before due to the rising cost of living. …

April 2022

Nissan Leaf, MG5, and Mini are best value electric cars

The LV= ‘Electric Car Cost Index’ explores purchase price, tax, insurance, fuel and maintenance costs for 13 pure electric cars vs their petrol/diesel equivalents to establish the total cost of ownership Drivers who buy an electric car outright will save on average £3,862…

March 2022

2021 sees spike in insurance fraud

Pre-inception loss fraud up 156% in the last three months of the year Exaggerated claims fraud up 138% and fabricated claims fraud up 81% Staged and induced accidents also increase as more cars get back on the road and criminal gangs return to bad habits New data…

LV= makes supply chain more sustainable with launch of two new initiatives

The Green Heart Supplier Promise will ensure suppliers adopt and develop environmental practices that are socially responsible and ethical. New targets also tackle all aspects of ESG, from providing equal opportunities to robust governance processes. The launch of a Green Heart Standard…

February 2022

January 2022

2021 a record year for accident prone brits

Record breaking 2021 as accidental damage tops the charts, with £14m paid out in claims Damage caused by animals cost the most to fix, with breakage claims highest overall 1 March 2021 was the most accident-prone date of the year, with claims up 126% As we roll into a New Year, data…

December 2021

November 2021

August 2021

July 2021

4.4 million homeowners don't know what subsidence is or how to spot it

Over half (51%) of homeowners identify false signs of subsidence when asked what to look out for. Almost one in five have noticed potential signs of subsidence, yet 26% didn’t take any action. Worryingly, over half (53%) don’t know if subsidence is included in their current…

Electric cars cheaper on average than petrol and diesel over ownership period

The LV= ‘Electric Car Cost Index’ explores purchase price, tax, insurance, fuel and maintenance costs for nine electric cars vs their petrol/diesel equivalent to establish the total cost of ownership Savings driven by average annual running costs, which are 49% or £1,306 cheaper than petrol…

June 2021

LV= reports 30% increase in car claims as restrictions ease

• Monday 24th May was the busiest day for claims since November last year • Huge rise in car park and motorway accidents, with drivers finding it challenging being back on busier roads The excitement of being back on the roads has come at a cost, with new data from LV= General Insurance (LV= GI)…

The Great British bike off: Pandemic drives 97% spike in bike policies

The UK ‘gets on its bike’ as LV= General Insurance (LV= GI) data reveals a 97% increase1 in people adding bikes to home insurance policies since this time last year. Regionally, customers in the South East added the highest number of bikes to policies last year across the UK, with Northern…

May 2021

April 2021

LV= reassures customers that working from home is automatically covered

• LV= General Insurance home insurance customers are covered as standard to work from home • Automatic cover provides reassurance and saves time for customers • Cover also includes customers’ own equipment, such as desks, printers and chairs LV= General Insurance (LV= GI), one of the largest home…