Green Heart Support

We're more than just insurance. We're here for our customers when they need us most

Green heart support is here for our customers when they need it most...

Launched in 2017, the purpose of Green heart support is to empower our people to be there for our customers when extraordinary things happen. So far we’ve helped more than 2,900 customers and their families with small acts of kindness .

Here's how we supported our customers in 2020

We sent...

  • 481 flowers, chocolates and hampers
  • 121 handwritten cards
  • 78 bespoke gestures
  • 7 gift cards

Here's what some of our customers think...

"I am writing to thank Gavin and LV= for the delivery of such a lovely selection of food items, including some for my dog.

Gavin must have understood that during this last year or so, life has been unusually difficult for elderly people. 

In my case, my wife of over 50 years died suddenly and unexpectedly in February 2020 and the covid pandemic has imposed a fairly isolated existence on me since then. Fortunately nearby family members have helped with food shopping and my dog  is good company as well as keeping me fit with daily walks.

The unexpected arrival your food hamper was an exciting treat and very much appreciated.

My thanks again for being so efficient in setting up the repairs to my damaged car."

"Dear Jess,

I just wanted to say many thanks for the kind gift sent to us. 
It came just at a time when it was needed most. It really my lifted spirits and helped me get through the day.
Sadly I must let you know that C (name changed) passed away sadly last week and didn't see this wonderful token gift.
Please can you let me know if your company has a department/manager that I can pass on my sincere thanks.

You deserve exceptional recognition for this and it needs to be mentioned!"

"I just want to say a huge huge thank you to Russell and Green heart for the most beautiful bouquet that arrived today. 
I am totally blown away by your unbelievable kindness and I adore the flowers.

I have just renewed my insurance and I insisted on your company based solely on Russell's handling of the claim, I was extremely distressed and he was so unbelievably kind and supportive.  
It has been an extremely difficult time personally and working crazy hours for the NHS , hopefully as with all of the country we are starting to move towards some semblance of normality.  
Thank you once again, I am absolutely so touched by your thoughtfulness."