Green Heart Support

At LV= General Insurance, we help our customers when the unexpected happens

Our Mission

To make our family (and furry friends) feel better, when they need it most...

In 2017, we launched Green Heart Support. This is our way of helping our customers who are going through difficult times, supporting them when they need it most.

Green Heart Support was set up to improve the lives of our customers – they’re at the heart of everything we do, after all. 

In 2019 we sent...

  • 170 'thinking of you’ cards
  • 139 flower bouquets
  • 385 feel-good hampers
  • 7 boxes of chocolates
  • 25 vouchers
  • 143 Bespoke gestures (including pet hampers, care packages, frozen meal deliveries and cuddly toys) 

*Figures correct as of October 19

What our people think...

"I’m so pleased we have things like Green Heart Support as it shows how caring we can be. 

When I saw the feedback from the customer it brought a little tear to my eye.” 

Libby – Customer Claims Handler

"Being able to do something to help a customer in need is what Green Heart Support is all about. It feels really good to know we've been able to put smiles on people's faces in such an unimaginable time for them."

Jo – GI Home Technical Team Leader

"Green Heart support is great way for us to reach out to our customers and show our caring side. You know you’ve made a real difference when your customer shares her experience and expresses her gratitude on social media."

Adam – Customer Representative

How does it work?

Sadly, we sometimes hear from our customers when they're going through a challenging or stressful time. This is where our Green Heart Support comes in...

If one of our Customer Representatives has a memorable call from a customer, we don't think it should be forgotten. 

If they believe a customer could do with support, our internal Green Heart committee decide the most appropriate way to help.