Green Heart Support

We're more than just insurance. We're here for our customers when they need us most

Green heart support is here for our customers when they need it most...

Launched in 2017, the purpose of Green heart support is to empower our people to be there for our customers when extraordinary things happen. So far we’ve helped more than 3,600 customers and their families with small acts of kindness .

During 2022 we supported over 700 customer with gesture of kindness including, flowers, chocolates, hampers and handwritten cards.

A ray of Sunshine...

Our customer, Ken Sunshine, was so pleased with his experience with us that he wrote us our very own poem!

Ken Sunshine wrote a wonderful 17-verse 'ode to LV=', after we exceeded his expectations following a chip pan fire at his home in Teignmouth, Devon.

Mr Sunshine said he regularly writes poems for his friends and that he felt compelled to do something for us after we supported him throughout what was a stressful time.

Our Performance Analyst, Jennifer, was so moved by Mr Sunshine’s situation that she sent him a special tea time hamper through our Green Heart Support initiative, to brighten up his day.

An abridged version of the poem has now been turned into an animation which we'll be posting on our social channels and our website... it's too good not to share with you all!

Phoebe Gibson, Brand Engagement Executive, said: “We just couldn’t believe the trouble Mr Sunshine had gone to in writing this incredible poem to thank us.

The service we gave him is really the norm for us, but to him it made a huge difference to what could have been a really horrid experience.

It’s just such a heart-warming story and a great example of the connections we make with customers, so we couldn’t resist sharing his words more widely!

Mr Sunshine was very happy for us to create the animation – it was great to work with him on the concept and to hear about the service and care he received from our amazing staff, from the man himself!”

My Ode to LV= poem