Our environmental responsibility

At LV= General Insurance, we care about the environment

We take our impact on the environment seriously

We have taken the necessary steps to reduce our carbon footprint, manage our waste and use less energy.

We’re continuously reviewing and developing our environmental strategy to achieve our ambitious targets. Within this are plans to encourage our employees to become more environmentally focused so we can reach our goals together.

Carbon emissions per employee*

  2019 2018  2017  2016
 Energy usage (tonnes CO2 equivalent per employee) 0.73 1.00 0.51  0.51
 Business travel (tonnes CO2 equivalent per employee) 0.17 0.16 0.25  0.30

 Waste (tonnes)

275 374 645  635
 Recyling (as a % of overall waste) 94% 93% 95% 96% 


In order to comply with the Energy Saving Opportunity Scheme (ESOS), which we’ve been signed up to since 2014, we implemented more energy saving initiatives across our offices. One of these is the installation of new building management systems to decrease our energy usage. The more new heating and cooling management system is more accurate and sophisticated, meaning we're more energy efficient. 

We use 'Nightwatchman' which is a power management tool that automatically turns off computers and printers when they are not in use.

We also comply with Streamlined Energy and Carbon Reporting (SECR) which stipulates the requirement of reporting on our energy and carbon emissions in our annual reporting.