Safeguarding our environment

At LV= General Insurance, we care about the environment


Even though our environmental impact is small compared to some, we still try to do our best

We're committed to managing the impacts of our day to day business on the three areas where we can make an impact – carbon emissions from our energy consumption, employee travel, and our overall waste management.

Carbon emissions per employee

  2016 2017  2018
 Energy usage (tonnes CO2 equivalent per employee)  0.51  0.51  0.53
 Business travel (tonnes CO2 equivalent per employee)  0.30  0.25  0.26
 Waste** (tonnes)  635  645  683
 Recyling* (as a % of overall waste)  96%  95%  95%

Carbon footprint

Handing over to the Nightwatchman

Nightwatchman is a tool that automatically shuts down our idle desktop workstations after business hours, and then wakes them back up at the start of the next working day. This reduces our carbon footprint by as much as 566 metric tonnes of CO2 a year.

Greenhouse gas emissions

Carbon emissions (tonnes CO2 equivalent per employee)

  2017 2018 
Purchased Electricity  0.44  0.45
Purchased Gas  0.07  0.08
Business Travel (land)  0.21  0.20
Business Travel (air)  0.04  0.06
Total  0.76  0.79