Diversity and Inclusion

Why we believe diversity and inclusion matter

At LV= General Insurance, our people are at the heart of everything we do

We’re committed to creating a diverse and inclusive environment where everyone in the organisation is valued as an individual. We want everyone to feel that they're able to participate in every aspect of their life at LV= and to achieve their potential. We believe everybody counts.

Our Vision...

At LV= General Insurance, we believe a diverse and inclusive culture is paramount to a successful and happy workforce. For us, it’s about creating a sense of belonging for everyone who works here. We strive to create a working environment where everyone feels valued and respected for their individual contribution and feels comfortable bringing their true self to work.

We know that having a broad range of perspectives, ideas and opinions makes for a more innovative, dynamic and collaborative place to work.  

To us, diversity and inclusion means...

  • Embracing, respecting and valuing individuality.
  • Going beyond the 2010 Equality Act to actively eliminate historical and current barriers.
  • Learning from the varied experiences of our people to connect with our diverse customer base.
  • Creating ideas and solutions built on a range of different perspectives and experiences.
  • Having a zero-tolerance approach to harassment, discrimination and judgement.
  • Celebrating and embracing all aspects of diversity by creating a safe environment where everyone can bring their whole self to work.

Mike Crane - D&I Exec Sponsor

Mike Crane sat in an office
“As D&I Exec Sponsor I feel really strongly about supporting all our colleagues to bring their true selves to work and feel valued for their contribution. Diversity more now than ever is vital to a thriving organisation. We need the thoughts, ideas and challenges from different backgrounds and experiences to not only make sure we’re equipped for the future but to mirror the customer base that we serve.

"We all have a part to play in our D&I journey. We’ll never ‘solve it’ – it’ll continue inevitably – but I look forward to helping to make a change.”

Our employee networks

To help us achieve a truly inclusive culture, LV= General Insurance has created a number of employee networks. These groups enable all different aspects of diversity and inclusion to be heard and supported, while providing education and action on a wide range of topics impacting our people. These networks give everyone a voice, and aim to broaden the awareness and understanding of a wide range of issues and movements. 

We recognise that every individual is different and we encourage all of our employee networks to consider the challenges and needs of their colleagues. Our people can join as many employee networks as they would like. In addition, all employee resource groups have a voice at the Diversity and Inclusion Steering Committee, which is chaired by our Diversity and Inclusion Executive Sponsor, Mike Crane. This ensures that everyone’s voice is heard.

Some of the groups and causes supported by our networks include: 

  • Issues of gender and sexuality 
  • Members of the LGBTQ+ community
  • People of black, Asian and ethnic minority (BAME) backgrounds
  • Parents/Carers
  • People living with visible and invisible disabilities
  • Generations
  • Those suffering with mental health difficulties

The Gender Pay Gap 

Our latest Gender Pay Report highlights our current performance and sets out the steps we are taking to improve the recruitment, retention and progression of all our employees, no matter what their gender.
Read our Gender Pay Gap report

Progressive partnerships 

As well as listening to our own people, we also look externally to educate ourselves and challenge our thinking. We do this to ensure that we are constantly learning, raising our standards and evolving to adapt to the ever changing world. We’re proud to be associated with a number of organisations who support us in achieving this through commitments, initiatives and partnerships to guide us on our diversity and inclusion journey. 

Find out more about our partnerships below. 

Woman in Finance Charter (WIFC)

LV= GI is proud to have joined a growing number of organisations across the financial services sector in signing up to the HM Treasury ‘Women in Finance Charter’ – a commitment to gender balance across financial services.

We’re committed to having 40% of our senior roles held by females by the end of 2024.

Race at Work Charter

LV= General Insurance is a proud signatory of the Business in the Community’s Race at Work Charter.

This Charter is composed of five principal calls to action for leaders and organisations across all sectors. By signing the charter, we have committed to:

  • Appointing an Executive Sponsor for race
  • Capturing ethnicity data and publicising progress
  • Zero tolerance of harassment and bullying, managed at board level.
  • Making it clear that supporting equality in the workplace is the responsibility of all leaders and managers
  • Taking action to support ethnic minority career progression

In October 2020 we created our Race at Work Action Group. This group includes members of our C-Suite, business leaders and employee resource groups who have committed to developing the plans and the responsibility for progressing activity under the charter. 

Our partnerships

  • Working families
  • Business Disability Forum
  • Stonewall Diversity
  • Business in the community