Diversity and Inclusion

Why we believe diversity and inclusion matter 


At LV= General Insurance, we believe a diverse and inclusive culture is the key to our success

Our Vision

To create a culture where everyone feels valued and respected for their individual contribution and feels comfortable to bring their true self to work. A culture where “Everyone Counts” and feels they truly belong, so that we can achieve more together and in turn drive successful business performance.  

So, what does diversity and inclusion mean to us? 

  • Enabling, respecting and valuing individual differences.
  • Identifying, addressing and removing unfair barriers in communication, processes, policies, practices, products and services

    Sharing the different experiences of our people to better connect with our customers
  • Creating ideas and solutions built on a range of perspectives
  • Harassment and discrimination are not tolerated
  • Celebrating and embracing diversity and creating a safe environment where everyone can be their true self

We're proud to support the Women in Finance Charter (WIFC)

LV= GI is proud to join more than 370 firms across the financial services sector in signing up to the HM Treasury ‘Women in Finance Charter’ – a commitment to gender balance across financial services.

The Women in Finance Charter was created in March 2016. Its main aim is to support gender diversity at all levels within financial firms and to build a more balanced and fair industry.

When we signed up to the Charter in October 2018 we had 38.4% female representation in senior management. We made great process in 2019 and as of December 2019, we had 39.8% female representation. Since we last reported, there have been further changes to the structure of our business. At the beginning of 2020, LV= GI joined the Allianz Group when they became our sole owner. With this change in ownership, some teams with a higher number of females in senior positions transferred across to Allianz. These organisational changes meant we did not achieved our set target of 40% by the end of 2020.  

As of September 2020 we have 38.7% female representation in senior management and we have extended our target deadline of achieving 40% female presentation in senior management to the end of 2021.

To meet our WIFC commitments:

  • We've committed to achieving 40% Band C-E Female population by 2021 (incl. Perm & FTC roles, support Roles excluded)
  • We'll annually publish our progress against our targets
  • A member of our executive team is responsible and accountable for gender diversity and inclusion.

These targets are embedded in our executive teams' performance plans and performance against these aspirational targets will be directly linked to performance-related pay.

Our awards and memberships

  • 16th most inclusive employer
  • Business Disability Forum 2019
  • Woman in Finance
  • Stonewall Diversity Champion
  • Inclusive Employers