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Here's what you need to know to make an Income Protection claim

Making an Income Protection claim

We're here to pay claims and pay them as quickly as possible.

  • Our Income Protection Plan provides a regular income if you're unable to work because of accident or sickness.
  • Here you'll find all the information you need if you need to make an Income Protection claim.

Your claim

Important information about claiming

How to make a claim

  • Contact us as soon as possible - you can call, write or email so we can send you the claim form and related information.
  • Return the completed forms including any additional information we’ve asked for.
  • Keep paying your premiums until we contact you to let you know if your claim has been accepted.

The information we'll need

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  • Completed claim and consent forms.
  • Medical reports from your GP or medical specialists.
  • Financial information - such as P60 and payslips if you are employed and accounts and tax returns for self-employed (including directors of limited companies).
  • We'll let you know exactly what we need from you in the claims information we send you.

Our process

What we'll do with your claim

Why and how we assess your claim

  • We need to ensure your circumstances meet your policy definitions and check if your policy has any special provisions or terms.
  • The benefits payable under most claims are directly linked to your income before you became unable to work. Your policy will clarify what your maximum benefit is; however, reductions in payments may occur if your income has reduced since the policy was taken out.

After a claim has been accepted

  • We'll confirm details of the payments to be made, and when you'll receive them.
  • If you have waiver of premium, we will set this up so that we can keep paying your premiums.
  • We'll continue to review your claim periodically based on your circumstances.
  • When you feel able to return to work we’ll explain your policy conditions, which could provide you with partial payments.