Income protection FAQ's

When will you pay my Income Protection claim?

After you successfully claim on your income protection insurance policy with us, we'll start paying your income after a certain amount of time assuming you haven't recovered by then. This time is chosen when you take out the policy and is called the waiting period

Payments are made monthly in arrears which means that your payments will start being made at the end of the month after your waiting period ends.

There are exceptions where you won't need to wait after you claim:

  • fracture cover
  • death benefit
  • parent and child cover
  • unemployment payment of premiums (after the first 90 days of your policy starting)

Fracture cover, death benefit and unemployment payment of premiums are included for all Income Protection policies taken with us from January 2017.

Parent and child cover is included for Income Protection policies from 26 September 2017.

If you have a policy with us and are unsure what you're covered for, you can contact us and we'll be able to help.