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Check out our dog breed guides to learn more about the perks (and quirks!) of your favourite pooch.


They’re active, affectionate and love companionship and cuddles. Their noses guide them through life: as part of the hound group, they love nothing more than to follow a scent! 

Border Collies

They’re intelligent enthusiastic and hard-working. They’re well-suited to outdoorsy and active families and are known for their loyal, sensitive and determined personality!


They’re small dogs with big personalities! Devoted to humans, the Cockapoo is clever easily trained, hardly sheds hair and is so affectionate that you'll never feel alone.

Cocker Spaniels

As a member of the gundog family, these excitable dogs are full of life and eager to please. They’re energetic and a little boisterous but are loyal and intelligent too.

English Springer Spaniels

They’re loving, gentle and very active. Their personality is affectionate and excitable, but they’re also extremely intelligent and easy to train, too.

French Bulldogs

They're loyal and affectionate, and happiest when curled up on your lap. Frenchies are playful, cheery dogs that need minimal grooming, moderate exercise and lots of loving.

Golden Retrievers

They’re kind and affectionate which is why they have become one of the top choices for a family pet. With their long, glossy, flaxen coat, it's not hard not to fall in love!

Jack Russell Terriers

They’re clever, bold and energetic little dogs, making them a popular companion… but they’re also known as expert escape artists, so make sure your garden is well-fenced!

Labrador Retrievers

Their easy-going, eager to please and easy to train. With their energy and friendly temperament, they’re perfect for families and first-time dog owners.

Shih Tzus

Pint-sized with a loving, friendly heart. Although the name literally translates as 'little lion', this breed is far from ferocious, but they are full of character!

We love cats too! Find out more about different breeds, including personality, history, health and nutrition.


Large, strong and agile, the Bengal cat may be wild in appearance, but this leopard-like feline can be an active and affable member of the family.

British Shorthairs

Their relaxed demeanour and loyal nature make them a great addition to any household. It also means they’re often tolerant of any other pets you may have.


As the name suggests, they’ll flop into the arms of anyone that will hold them! They’re highly affectionate and love to curl up next to a family member!

Russian Blues

They have a reputation of being a shy and slightly reserved cat, with a mild temperament. They’ll fit into most households, but don’t expect loads of cuddles!


They’re easily recognised by their distinctive black mask and piercing eyes. They’re well known for their voice, too, as they’ll "talk to you" all day long!

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