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What is multi pet insurance? 

Multi pet insurance means you can insure all your furry friends under one, easy-to-manage policy. You even get a 5% discount for doing so! We offer different levels of insurance for multiple pets, so you can make sure your canine companion or feline friend gets the right cover for their individual needs. So, let's get into the detail, shall we?

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Multi pet insurance cover options

Not sure what cover your pets need? Here are two options to get your teeth into 

Time Limited 

Our Time Limited pet policies will cover an illness or condition for a maximum of 12 months from the date of the first treatment (up to the limit you choose).

• This cover is best suited for short-term illnesses and injuries


Our Lifetime pet policies provide cover for all illnesses or conditions that occur in the policy year, up to your chosen limit. The policy limit refreshes and is reapplied when you renew, so you know your furry family's always covered.

• Pet cover for cats under 10 and dogs under 8 years old

• For long-term illness and injuries, too

Frequently asked questions

What factors can affect the price I pay for my multi pet insurance?

Many factors affect the price you pay for multi pet insurance. Remember, sometimes the cheapest pet insurance for multiple pets may not offer the most comprehensive cover. Here's what we take into account: 

  • Your pet’s breed. The breed of your pet will impact the price of your insurance. 
  • Your dog or cat's age. The cost of insuring your pet will go up as they get older. 
  • Your pet’s gender. Normally, you will pay more for your pet insurance if you have a male cat or dog.
  • Previous claims. Any claims you make on your policy will impact your premium at renewal
  • Where you live. The cost of treating your pet may vary in different areas of the country.
  • Advances in medical treatment. With so many developments in medicine and complementary therapies, it means the cost of treating cats and dogs is going up.
  • Changes in legislation. Insurance companies have no say on how much tax is charged on each policy. The government sets the rate of Insurance Premium Tax (IPT).
Want to know more about how we calculate your premium? Read our guide. 

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Our pet insurance comes highly recommended 

  • Defaqto 5 Star rated £10k Lifetime policy

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