Russian Blue breed information

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Charming, elegant and sophisticated, the Russian Blue is a loyal and loveable cat with unique personality traits. 

  • Russian Blue cats are easy to train and make a perfect pet for couples and single people
  • They can be reserved but have an extremely loyal nature
  • It’s rare for a Russian Blue to suffer from hereditary health problems, but some can develop over time
  • From health concerns to their special traits and what type of pet they are, we explore everything about the Russian Blue 

Russian Blue personality

Russian Blues have a reputation of being a shy and slightly reserved cat, with a mild temperament. They’re a breed that will fit into most households easily, thanks to their friendly and loyal nature. But don’t expect them to be the type of cat that likes to cuddle and sit on your knee.

Perfect for professionals, Russian Blues are a cat with a timid personality, which means they’re content being left alone for longer than other, more needy breeds . However, they do make great companions and love spending time with their owner - on their terms.

While they don’t have a destructive side like some cats, Russian Blues do love a good climb on furniture. Overall, they’re a very well behaved breed with a reputation for being easy to litter train. A Russian Blue will thrive on a set routine and you can count on them to be ready and waiting at mealtimes.

This breed of cat enjoys a quiet environment - but don't ignore them, as too little attention can cause them to become a little anxious.

Russian Blue's - content being left alone for longer than other, more needy breeds

Russian Blue Cat Health Facts

Size: Medium

Lifespan: 10-15 years

Coat: Requires minimal grooming due to their meticulous grooming habits 

Exercise needs: Low to medium

Common Russian Blue Health Problems

Generally, a Russian Blue is a healthy breed that isn’t susceptible to any major health problems, unlike other pedigrees. But there are a few conditions to be aware of that may require a trip or two to the vet:


A thyroid problem common in older cats, it affects metabolism and can trigger weight loss, despite an increased appetite. Hyperthyroidism can be easily managed once diagnosed.

Renal Failure

Russian Blues are twice as likely to experience renal failure, which can be life threatening, but the kidney damage can be managed.


Prone to overeating, one of the main health problems to look out for is obesity and weight gain in this breed. The good thing is, this is quite easy to control by monitoring your cat’s portions


All breeds are at risk of tumours. Some may be benign, others can be more serious if left untreated. One of the best ways to keep on top of any suspect lumps or bumps is through regular trips to the vets.


Much the same as humans, cats can suffer from diabetes, but it can be controlled through medication. Symptoms to look out for are weight loss, increased thirst and urination.

Russian Blue Nutrition and Exercise

The Russian Blue’s reserved personality means that generally they’re relaxed and enjoy resting by themselves. However, their muscular build means getting enough exercise is important to prevent health problems.

You should monitor their food portion sizes and encourage them to go outside to get some exercise. Playing games inside the house is another good way to increase their activity.

When it comes to feeding your Russian Blue, always follow the instructions given on the packet according to their weight, age and size. They will eat a lot if given the opportunity.

Russian Blue Pet Insurance

The cost of looking after your Russian Blue over their lifetime can be expensive, especially if they develop a health condition. This is why it’s best to take out cat insurance as soon as you bring them home. 

A healthy Russian Blue can live for an average of 10 to 15 years, which means vet bills can add up. The costs of insuring any cat can vary depending on a number of factors including:

  • Breed
  • Age
  • Gender
  • Where you live
  • Previous claims - any claims you make on your policy will impact your premium at renewal 

Find out how we calculate pet insurance and make sure your Russian Blue has a long and healthy life with a little help from LV=. 

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