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Planning a trip to Portugal?

Interesting facts and features of this popular travel destination

Bordering the Atlantic Ocean, the beaches along Portugal's rugged coastline are perfect for anyone looking to relax by the sea. Whilst away from the seaside you’ll discover historic towns with fairy-tale castles, cities with world-class restaurants and countryside that begs to be explored.

As with any travel or holiday destination it's recommended that you arrange travel insurance as near as possible to booking your trip, this could cover you in the event of unforeseen cancellations... for now, we'll explore interesting facts and features about Portugal.

Portugal facts

Did you know?

World Explorers

Portugal is birthplace to some of the world's first explorers.

Ferdinand Magellan was the first person to circumnavigate the globe; Vasco de Gama discovered the sea route to India; Bartholomew Diaz was the first to sail around the southern tip of Africa, which he called the Cape of Good Hope; and Álvares Cabral and others discovered new lands, including Brazil, parts of Africa and the Far East, claiming them for Portugal.

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Named after the celebrated explorer, the Vasco da Gama Bridge in Lisbon is 10.5 miles long, making it the longest in Europe.

Ancient history

Portugal's capital city, Lisbon, is older than Rome and among the oldest cities in Europe, with archaeological finds dating back to 1200 BC.

Lisbon was devastated by a major earthquake in 1755.

Although the city was rebuilt within a few years, the quake led to the country losing much of its wealth and status.

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Portugal is named after its second largest city, Porto, the Latin name of which was Portus Cale.

Leader in renewal energy

Portugal is a world leader in renewable energy. By July 2014 around 70 percent of its energy came from renewable sources such as wind, hydro and solar power.

One of the world's largest solar farms is near the town on Moura in south-east Portugal.

Innovative projects include a floating wind farm (the WindFloat) and WaveRoller, which converts the movement of ocean waves to energy and electricity.

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Portugal has a coastline spanning 497 miles and it's known to have 364 days of surf, making it one of the world's top surf spots.

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