Our picks for the ultimate family getaway

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We all love a holiday. There’s no denying that. But a family holiday somehow seems to make the experience just that little bit more special. 

  • Finding something for everyone
  • Family-friendly destinations
  • Keeping safe

Whether it’s with your kids, your siblings, your grandparents, or all of them (yikes!), on a family trip you create lifelong memories with those who are closer to you than anyone in the world.

However, it’s never easy thinking of a place to go that will make everyone happy. It’s hard enough deciding what to watch on TV together let alone where to go on holiday! To help you out, we’ve thought of a range of potential locations that have something for everyone. Check out our list of family-friendly holiday destinations and get inspired!

The Algarve, Portugal

If it’s a sunny break with the family that you’re after, the Algarve has to be your first thought. With its multitude of beachside resorts, it’s the perfect place for a family holiday. We particularly recommend Albufeira or Portimão. These two cities have loads of all-inclusive family resorts which are great for younger kids, but also have fantastic restaurants and bars for older family members to enjoy. With easy access to the beach and a whole load of water sport activities and water parks too, you can’t go wrong in the Algarve.


Mountain biking in Austria*

Fancy yourselves as a sporty family? Feel like an exciting and challenging group activity? Why not visit Austria for an Alpine cycling adventure? The southern Carinthia region and the countryside outside of Salzburg have loads of amazing mountain biking trails for people of all skill levels. There are even specific mountain biking hotels where you can park up and unwind after a long day of pedalling. Why not try out the chalet village of Kirchleitn – it’s totally car-free so the perfect place to get cycling with the kids!

Chase the Northern Lights in Norway

This has to be one of the most unique and unforgettable trips you can experience as a family. Head up to Tromso in Norway for a real arctic adventure. Younger kids will love reindeer sledding and husky excursions. A day trip to the Tromso Wilderness Centre and the Aurora camp will get you up close and personal with the magnificent Northern Lights. You could go arctic sailing in the famous fjords, or even book a whale watching trip. Older kids and teenagers will probably be more comfortable braving the cold, but the trip is suitable for younger kids too – what better place to take them at Christmas?!


Camping in Cornwall

Thinking of taking a trip closer to home? A family camping holiday in the UK is the perfect way to bond with your relatives. Arthur’s Field in Treloan, Cornwall, is a particular hotspot for family camping, and it’s no wonder why! With campfires, art workshops and communal barbecues, this Cornish camping haven is the ideal place for a family with younger or older kids. You can bring your own camping equipment or caravan, or rent a mobile home there. And why limit yourself to one spot? Grab your gear and move around the amazing seaside campsites Cornwall has to offer.

Some tips for keeping safe and happy

Taking younger kids abroad is a really exciting experience for the family, but not without its challenges!

If you do take them to a hotter destination in particular, make sure they are protected from the sun and get plenty of water throughout the day. It’s a good idea to purchase bottled water as soon as you arrive and keep some with you at all times, particularly if you are unsure if the tap water is safe. Make sure you and your kids take breaks from the sun too – sun stroke can set in without you noticing.

For the more active holidays, keep in mind that younger children may not be as able to walk or cycle long distances.

Why not consider letting each family member choose an activity or a plan for one of the days? To make the family holiday truly special, it’s great to make everyone feel valued and feel like they’ve got what they want out of it.

Make sure your family is covered

Your holiday should be time for you and your family to bond and create lifelong memories. You don’t want to have to worry about things going wrong. So, for your peace of mind, make sure you’re protected in case the worse should happen.

With LV=, you can get group and family travel insurance, and we’ll cover up to ten people on one policy.

So, for your family adventure, consider travel insurance from LV=.

*Mountain biking cover is only available with our Premier Level cover, and is subject to exclusions. Find out more about what activities our travel insurance covers.