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From the beaches of the Balearic Islands to the rousing La Rambla of Barcelona, sunny escapes to Spain are something of a British tradition.

Despite being a popular choice for a summer jaunt, it’s still important to get travel insurance before leaving to make sure you’re protected.

What does the GHIC cover?

With an active GHIC, you should be covered when it comes to healthcare costs and potential accidents in Spain. 

A GHIC only covers state care too, so any private treatment, mountain rescue service, repatriation to the UK, or cruise incidents won’t be included.

The Spanish have invented a lot over the years. Did you know that the world’s first stapler is said to have been handcrafted in the Basque region of northern Spain?

Why do I need travel insurance in Spain?

Fiestas, flamenco and plenty of fun attracts tourists from England to Spain each year. That said, travel insurance should still be a priority.

Good travel insurance covers you should things go wrong. Whether it’s lost luggage or departure delays, knowing you’re protected is the first-step to being able to truly relax by the pool. 

In any emergency, you should call 112 and ask for an “ambulancia”, the Spanish word for ambulance. The number is free of charge. Alternatively, the number for local police is 092. 

Spain has a Mediterranean climate, meaning it can get very hot - especially during summer. Stay hydrated by drinking plenty of water when out and pack high-factor suncream to avoid getting burnt. The higher-factor the better and remember to top up after going into water.

The beaches are a big draw when it comes to holidays in Spain. Whether you’re heading to the Ibiza or Gran Canaria, it’s important to be safe when taking a dip. Keep an eye on depth and currents and be aware of any signs that may be up.

Without travel insurance in Spain you will have to pay out for cancelled flights, accommodation or lost luggage.

What does our travel insurance cover? 

Our travel insurance for Spain covers: 

Spain part of your European adventure? If you’re a frequent traveller or visiting multiple countries, it’s worth considering multi-trip cover. You can also customise your policy, so you can add insurance for pre-existing medical conditions or specifics.

Get a travel insurance quote online for your trip from the UK to Spain and make it suit you.

Entering Spain

You can visit Spain visa-free with a UK passport for a period of 90 days as part of the EU’s free movement agreement. Stay up to date on entry requirements using the government’s website.

Getting around Spain

There is plenty to see and do in Spain, from the sun-soaked Costa del Sol, to the vibrant markets of Madrid. Spain is much bigger than the UK, but the country is well-linked with rail and bus routes between most major destinations. When visiting Spain, it’s worth noting travel times and distances between some of the places you may want to visit.


A must-see, the Catalan city of Barcelona is one of the world’s most popular tourist destinations. Taste your way through the cafes of La Rambla, gaze at the architectural wonder of Gaudí’s Sagrada Familia or soak up the matchday atmosphere at the iconic Camp Nou.

Balearic Islands

The Balearics have it all. Whether it’s partying to the early hours in the nightclubs of Ibiza or escaping to the sun-swept sands of Menorca, these islands should be certain additions to your Spanish tick-list.

Canary Islands

You’ll find some of the best beaches in Europe on Spain’s Canary Islands. Famous for the resorts of Tenerife, Gran Canaria and Lanzarote, this tiny archipelago is closer to northern Africa than it is to Spain.


Dive into the tapas bars of the Spanish capital and experience Latin food at its very best. Sample classic Spanish omelette and load up on moreish patatas bravas, all washed down with some traditional wines. Buen Provecho!


Arabic culture has had a heavy influence on the city of Granada. Formerly the home of the Spanish Moors, this ancient city is an intoxicating blend of east and west. Nowhere is this more apparent than the stunning royal palace: the Alhambra.

Santiago de Compostela

Many people undertake the Camino de Santiago every year, a pilgrimage to the Spanish city of Santiago de Compostela said to have been first walked by Jesus’ apostle, James. Whilst you may not want to walk there this time, the city is certainly worth visiting.

Wherever you go on your Spanish adventure, rest easy knowing you’re fully protected with travel insurance from LV=. 

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