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Planning a trip to Malta?

Interesting facts and features of this historically-rich travel destination

Malta sits in the Mediterranean 60 miles south of Italy. With a hint of the cultures that have come before, from the French and British to Knights of St. John, there is much to discover as you enjoy the favourable climate and a carefree atmosphere.

As with any travel or holiday destination it's recommended that you arrange travel insurance as near as possible to booking your trip, this could cover you in the event of unforeseen cancellations... for now, we'll explore interesting facts and features about Malta.

Malta facts

Did you know?

Small in size

Malta is one of the smallest countries in the world with a land-mass of just 316 km, making it smaller than the Isle of Wight (380 km)

Malta is not one island, it's comprised of seven tiny islets.

The two largest islands, Malta and Gozo, are inhabited, the third biggest, Comino, features a single holiday resort. The remaining four are totally uninhabited.

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You won't find a single forest area in Malta. There are also no mountains or rivers across all seven islands.

It’s where movies are made!

Due to its unspoilt nature, quiet coastline, ancient architecture and relative obscurity, Malta has been used as a film-location for some familiar Hollywood blockbusters.

Film scenes from Malta can be seen in Gladiator, Troy, World War Z and Captain Philips as well as the much acclaimed TV series Game of Thrones.

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Older than Stonehenge and the great pyramids of Egypt, Malta's Megalithic temples are the oldest free-standing stone structures in the world.

Famous Knights

The Knights of St John of Jerusalem (also referred to as the Knights of Malta) were given control over Malta in 1530 by Charles V of Spain.

Mostly remembered for successfully defending the island against the Ottomans during The Great Siege of 1565, they were finally defeated by Napoleon in 1798.

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The eight-point Crusade cross often associated with the Knights of Malta later became known as the Maltese Cross.

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