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To renew, or not to renew? Whatever you decide, we've got it all covered here...
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Why are insurance prices rising?

It’s no secret that insurers are dealing with growing claims costs and our average prices have had to rise so we can continue to offer you the best possible service. Find out more about this and what we’re doing about it here:

Car insurance renewal prices
Home insurance renewal prices

When it comes to renewing, you've got options...

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Why renew with us?

Trawling through comparison sites can be confusing and time consuming, so we're here to keep things simple... 


Your renewal pack

We'll be in touch with your renewal pack around three weeks before your renewal date

Your renewal pack will tell you all about:

Car insurance

  • The cover and price of your policy
  • Details of the car(s) insured
  • Who can drive the car(s) 
  • Details of any optional extras you've chosen
  • Schedule with the driving history of you and any named drivers on the policy


Home and landlord insurance

  • The cover and price of your policy
  • Details of the home insured
  • Details of any optional extras you've chosen

If any of your details have changed or are incorrect, it's important you call us so we can correct them and send you another renewal quote.

Make sure you review your cover level and excesses to make sure they're still right for you.

If you don't renew your insurance or make other arrangements, you won't be insured.

Please remember it's an offence to use a car without insurance.