At LV= General Insurance, we care about being a responsible business

We put our people and customers at the heart of everything we do

We have multiple processes in place to make sure that everything we do is properly underwritten, ethically assessed, and most importantly, fair to our customers.

At LV= General Insurance, we all complete mandatory annual compliance training and regulatory testing to help us uphold the ethical standards and behaviours required and expected of us all.


What matters most to you, matters to us too...

It's not just about regulations, we're serious about the Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) issues too. This refers to non-financial issues which can be influenced by, and can influence, our business activities both positively and negatively. 

We manage these risks diligently across our business through our governance structure, here's how...

What we're doing to make sure we're a responsible business...

Financial Crime

Fighting financial crime remains central to protecting our customers, our communities and our business – the impact of which far exceeds just an economic one.  Cyber crime, terrorist financing, human and drugs trafficking are just some of the types of criminal activity that lay behind fraudulent acts against our business and our customers. 

Human rights and modern slavery

At LV= we are committed to fair employment practices and to upholding human rights. Our Modern Slavery Statement, confirms our approach and the steps that we have taken to assess and mitigate against the risk of modern slavery and human trafficking occurring in our business and supply chains.

Our stance on fraud

At LV= we’re serious about protecting what you love. That includes protecting you and our business against fraud. Fraud affects all of our customers, often by increasing premiums, so we’ll do whatever we can to stop it. 

The Association of British Insurers (ABI) reports that £3.3 million of fraudulent claims are now being exposed by insurers every day.

As well as being harmful to our customers and our business, the money made from fraud can be linked to organised crime and even terrorism. So, it’s vital that we have robust internal controls in place such as processes, systems and staff training to help prevent fraud, bribery and corruption, and other financial crimes. This is in line with the law, regulation, our values, and our social responsibilities.

If you have information to suggest that a person has or is attempting to commit insurance fraud against LV= or any other insurer, please let us know by telling CheatLine online or by calling them on 0800 422 0421. If you don’t want to give your details, that’s okay, you can do it anonymously. They’ll then pass the details to us so we can look into it further.

Our stance on bribery and corruption

It’s well known that there are people willing to pay or make threats in order to collect personal data. This could be names and addresses or claims and policy details. 

LV= has strict internal controls in place to prevent this happening. All of our suppliers are fully vetted and enter into a strict process before any contracts are signed. 

When bribery or inducements are offered it can lead to an uneven playing field for suppliers or intermediaries. This results in the business and customers not getting the best deal. None of this is desirable and it can directly undermine our integrity and affect our reputation and relationship with our suppliers, partners, and other organisations that are important to us, as well as our customers and stakeholders.

Transparency in procurement and its procedures are really important to us and if any form of bribery or corruption was found it would be fully investigated and dealt with accordingly.

Responsible investment

Our investment partner is PIMCO, a leader in sustainable fixed income investing. PIMCO has achieved the highest score possible in each of the five relevant indicators in the UN’s ‘Principles of Responsible Investment Assessment’ Report in 2019, and was one of the few who received an A+ rating for integrating ESG factors into fixed income investing. The firm actively participates in a range of sustainability initiatives, such as the Climate Bonds Initiative and the Carbon Disclosure Project. PIMCO believes that ESG-related issues are an increasingly critical factor in understanding global economies and markets. Firmwide, it systematically integrates material ESG factors into its investment process.

Green Heart procurement

We continue with our membership of Social Enterprise UK and commitment to The Buy Social Corporate Challenge, which is an initiative backed by a group of businesses, aiming to collectively spend £1 billion with social enterprises through their procurement. One aim of the challenge is to encourage corporates to allow social enterprises to bid for contracted services on an equal footing with more established suppliers. 

We know that LV= can make more of a positive impact on society by encouraging our existing suppliers to consider transforming lives through the power of the supply chain.

Our supply chain

It’s vital that we are proactive in minimising any risk across our supply chain and ensure we’re able to respond to regulatory changes in good time.

We have robust processes in place which allow us to assess supplier’s governance, controls and documentation. This is all collated, stored and assessed internally.