Travel Insurance for a Cruise

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Make sure it’s full steam ahead for your trip with cruise travel insurance. 

Coronavirus and travel insurance

As we’re all aware, the impact that Coronavirus (COVID-19) is having globally has meant the cancellation of multiple flights, holidays, events and in particular; cruises. 

Any new policy won’t cover certain claims caused by coronavirus. It’s important to know what cover is included on your policy before you book a trip. Find out more. 

If you’re an existing customer, any trips you booked before your first renewal after 14 September 2020, are unaffected.

You can get in touch the normal way if you need to make a claim or renew but please bear in mind that our contact centres are extremely busy right now. As the FCDO can change at any time and airlines and tour providers need to be contacted first we are only looking at claims for trips which are due to depart within the next 14 days. In the meantime, check out our step by step make a claim guide. 

Cruise travel insurance

Going on a cruise is different to a standard holiday. But that doesn’t mean getting insured has to be. 

Because the risks are different on a cruise, you might want to consider additional cruise insurance cover. Common incidents that cruise insurance can cover are:

  • Missed ports 
  • Being confined to your cabin for medical reasons 
  • Requiring transport to hospital from the ship 

All of these are risks that you wouldn’t have outside of a cruise. It means you can get the right help and support, no matter where you are.

Here at LV=, cruise cover is included in our annual policies, making getting insured even simpler. It can also be taken out – at different levels – on a single-trip quote.

What does travel insurance cover on a cruise?

Essential cruise travel insurance at LV= covers you for:

  • Compensation per person if you need to cancel or cut your cruise short due to illness
  • Illness that prevents you from taking part in pre-booked excursions
  • Compensation if your port stop is cancelled
  • Compensation per day if you’re confined to your cabin for medical reasons

Premier policies include all of this – plus a few useful extras for ultimate peace of mind:

  • Travel and accommodation costs if you need to re-join your cruise at a later point
  • Travel and accommodation costs to help you get home if you’re ill
  • Personal items replacement and a courier service if your baggage is delayed or lost 

Senior travel insurance

Cruises are a great way for people of all ages to see the world in style. But for older people they offer particular freedom. It means you don’t have to get on and off coaches, planes or find your way to hotels.

Getting older shouldn’t mean you stop doing what you love. If exploring new parts of the world is what you dream of, age should never put you off. 

Our cruise insurance means that you can visit all the places you’ve dreamed of as there’s no upper age limit on single trip policies.

Pre-existing and medical conditions

Don’t let pre-existing medical conditions get in the way of your cruise either. Multiple pre-existing medical conditions can be covered but it’s important you declare them. 

If you’re living with a disability, a medical condition, or are recovering from treatment, there’s no reason you shouldn’t be able to go on holiday. It’s the perfect way to relax and unwind. 

Take a look at our cruise insurance cover at LV= to find the perfect policy for your next cruising holiday.

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