Coronavirus help and support

On our dedicated coronavirus hub page, you can find the latest information and news, as well as details on what support is available from us. 

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Due to coronavirus (COVID-19), we've temporarily changed our claim opening hours. Find out when you can call us below. Our new sales and existing customer opening hours are still Mon to Fri 8 – 8, Sat 9 –5 and Sun 10 – 4

Car, classic car and motorbike:


You can report a new claim 24/7.

Repairs, including hire vehicles and write offs:

Monday to Friday 8 – 8, Saturday 8 – 5 and closed on Sunday

Injury or liability:

Monday to Friday 9 – 5 and closed on Saturday and Sunday

Calls will be recorded. For Text Phone, first dial 18001.

Home, landlord and caravan:


Monday to Friday 9 – 5, Saturday 8 –12 closed on Sunday

You can also log a non-urgent home claim using our online form 

If you want to find out about an existing home claim you can use our online enquiry form

Home emergency:

Our home emergency helpline remains open 24/7.

Calls will be recorded. For Text Phone, first dial 18001.

We know that many of our customers are facing financial hardship due to the on-going impact of coronavirus (COVID-19)

So we've come up with a few ways to help you...

If you have a car or motorbike policy with us and you need financial help, learn more about Green Heart Support. 
If you have a home, landlord or pet policy and you’re struggling financially, learn more about payment holidays. 

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Have questions or concerns about repairs to your car or home during the coronavirus pandemic? 

We've put together two safety guides for you...

If you have a car policy with us and you have questions about your repair and COVID-19, take a look at the car safety guide
If you have a home or landlord policy and are concerned about having work done safely during coronavirus, read the home safety guide.

Scams: What to look for, how to avoid them and what we’ll do to prove it’s us…

At times like this when some people are vulnerable, and with everything that’s going on, you’d like to think that fraudsters are less active. Unfortunately they never rest, and as a result neither do we.

We care about what you care about and we’ll help you protect what you hold dear. We’ve put together some information to keep you up to date with what you need to know to stay safe.

Here are some of our FAQs, but you can find more by clicking on the topics above

Here's how we're helping our suppliers during these uncertain times...

At this difficult time, our number one priority is to keep our suppliers, customers and employees safe. So we're doing all we can to make sure social distancing is maintained in every aspect of the business. 
Find out more about how we're helping our suppliers

We've chosen a few articles which you may find helpful right now...