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TESLA - The Car Brand of the Future ?

When looking for the best in electric cars, Tesla is a pretty good place to start

Tesla is an all-electric car manufacturer boasting four innovative models; Model S, Model X, Model 3, and the Roadster.

The Tesla electric vehicles host a whole range of safety features including collision avoidance and automatic emergency braking as well as…

  • Three-position dynamic LED turning lights
    Full LED adaptive headlamps which improve visibility at night
  • Dual Motor All-Wheel Drive
    Helping to achieve 0 to 60 miles per hour in just 2.5 seconds
  • Side impacts
    Aluminium pillars are reinforced with steel rails to reduce damage and intrusion 

  • Bio-Weapon Defence Mode
    The HEPA air filtration system removes at least 99.97% of pollution, allergens and bacteria
  • Six airbags
    These protect the front and rear occupants with the power source automatically disconnected.
  • Surround cameras                                                           Allowing for 360-degree vision which helps with driving and parking alike    
  • Model 3
    The Tesla Model 3 is fully electric and can accelerate 0-60 mph in as little as 3.2 seconds.
  • Safety is the most important part of the Model 3 design. The metal structure is a combination of aluminium and steel, for maximum strength in every area. In a roof-crush test, Model 3 resisted four times its own mass, even with an all-glass roof.
  • Some Model 3s have two independent motors. The motors digitally control torque to the front and rear wheels – for better handling and traction control. Your can drive on either motor, so you never need to worry about getting stuck on the road. If one motor stops working, you can safely continue to your destination with the second.


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Why choose LV= to insure your Tesla?

Join over 1,000 like-minded people who insure their Tesla with us

1,963 people insured their Tesla with us (figures correct at September 2019)

  • Accidental damage cover
    Scratched or dented your car? We pay for repairs so it's as good as it was before the accident
  • Uninsured driver promise
    If the other driver is not insured and the accident's not your fault, you keep your no claim discount and there's no excess to pay - as long as you have the details of the other vehicle and driver
  • European cover
    Get the same level of cover as you have in the UK in the EU for up to 180 days a year. Perfecto!
  • Vandalism promise
    If your car is vandalised and you have to claim, you'll keep your no claim discount - you'll just need to pay your excess
  • Replacement child car seats
    We'll replace your child car seats if your car has been in an accident - even if there's no apparent damage
  • Recovery to the nearest UK charge point
    Recovery if you run out of charge in the UK. Don’t worry, this won’t affect your NCD and there’s no excess to pay
  • Cover for charging cables, wall boxes and adaptors
    Cover against accidental damage, fire and theft


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