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Travel insurance and your staycation

Why it pays to take out travel insurance even if you stay in the UK

Costal resort

So you may not be jetting off half way round the world, but you still want to make sure you’re covered in case your staycation goes belly up. Travel insurance makes sense for every holiday.

Staycation - what's that all about?

The word 'staycation', an amalgamation of 'stay' and 'vacation' came to prominence in 2009 when it became clear that holidaymakers were taking more holidays in their home country.

The trend probably began as a result of the worldwide recession at the time. But it's a phenomenon that has stuck, with millions of us taking short breaks and longer holidays in our own country.

no long haul flights to endure, no exchange rate to work out and no language barriers

But it rains all the time - why would I staycation in the UK?

Okay, so we're not known for wall-to-wall sunshine, but the UK has a stunning coastline, beautiful countryside, fantastic heritage, amazing food and exciting cities to visit.

There are no long haul flights to endure, no exchange rate to work out and no language barriers. And best of all you get to take your furry companion with you without the need for a pet passport.

And I don’t need travel insurance right?


Although you won’t need travel insurance to pay for emergency medical treatment, you’ll still need insurance in case your holiday has to be cancelled, your baggage gets stolen or your hotel goes out of business. And if you get ill and you're too unwell to get home as originally planned, your travel insurance can help pay for additional travel or accommodation costs.

Travel insurance often includes cover for accidental damage or injury to people or property as well. So if you accidentally smash a window in your holiday cottage,and is not due to your own negligence then, your insurance can help cover the cost. However your travel insurance will only cover accidental damages you are liable for.

And if you tow your own caravan on a caravan holiday, you’ll need to make sure all your possessions are insured both whilst you’re travelling and when you arrive. A combination of travel insurance and caravan insurance can help you do this.

Why would I ever cancel a holiday?

I know, when you've looked forward to your staycation all year, why would you cancel it! But you never know what's around the corner.

Take Gail for example. She booked a week’s walking in the Lake District. The weekend before she leaves she’s walking her dog in the New Forest when she trips and twists her ankle.

Subsequent x-rays show that she’s broken it and will need an operation. The operation is scheduled for the week she should be on holiday. Luckily, she has cancellation cover with her LV= travel insurance so can claim the cost of the holiday back, less her policy excess.

I’m very careful with my valuables

Very glad to hear it. But when you’re snapping away at the beautiful scenery or keen to get back to the surf, there are loads of distractions and it’s easy to lose a camera or drop a phone.

With travel insurance on your staycation you can claim for lost, stolen or damaged baggage and valuables up to a certain limit. With LV= this includes hired sports equipment as well, so if you accidently ding that surfboard you hired, you won’t necessarily be out of pocket. Alternatively you may be able to claim for your baggage and valuables on your home insurance.

Noooo! The company I booked with has gone out of business!

So you booked and paid for the perfect boutique hotel in the Cotswolds or the kids' favourite caravan holiday park only to find out just before you leave that the company has gone bust. Not only have you potentially lost the money you spent on the booking, but you also need to spend more money on another holiday. Annoying!

LV= Premier travel insurance covers you for just this scenario. Plus it also covers you if the hotel or caravan holiday site goes bankrupt whilst you are staying there and you need to find an alternative. And you get cover for the financial failure of an airline, train operator, car hire company, cottage rental, campsite and even booked excursions.

UK and overseas cover all in one

Annual multi trip travel insurance can often be a good way to make sure you have adequate travel insurance if you enjoy both a staycation in the UK and travelling overseas.

If you're planning a day trip within the United Kingdom, you'll be covered under an annual multi trip travel insurance as long as you have either pre-booked the accommodation, it's more than 25 miles away from your home or it involves a sea crossing.

With LV= insurance you can take as many trips as you like in the year and be insured for up to 90 days each time with Premier cover.

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