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Landlord insurance optional extras

Tailor your landlord insurance policy to suit you

legal expenses cover 

Up to £100k in legal expenses cover to help you:

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  • Evict a tenant
  • Pursue a tenant for rent arrears (this is not rent guarantee cover)
  • Pursue or defend claims relating to property disputes
  • Pursue a claim relating to a contract to buy goods or services relating to your rental property 

    Any claim must have more than a 50% chance of the case being successful.

    The cost of any legal expenses to pursue your claim need to be proportional to the expected benefit.

Landlord's contents insurance

Add cover for your property's contents

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  • Cover for furniture, carpets and furnishings that you own 
  • Accidental damage included as standard
  • New-for-old contents cover available - choose the level of cover you need (£10,000, £25,000, £50,000) for the items you own e.g. carpets, furniture and any white goods
  • Contents only cover is available for leasehold flat owners if you’re not responsible to insure the building 

    (Just so you know, cover doesn't include tenants' belongings)




Landlord home emergency

"Help, my boiler’s broken down!"

Landlord home emergency cover for £50 or less includes protection for things like...

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  • Heating – we pay for emergency assistance if your heating system fails (provided it’s been serviced in the last 12 months)
  • Internal plumbing, drainage and gas supply – we pay to repair damage to or failure of these systems
  • Electrical system – if you suffer a breakdown of your property's main electrical wiring, we’ll pay for an approved repairer to restore power
  • Roofing – sudden, unexpected roofing problems such as leaks or tiles blown off during a storm or bad weather
  • Loss of keys – if the keys to your property have been lost or stolen, we get you back inside and make it secure
  • Pest infestation – help to rid your property of any unwanted pests, like mice, rats or wasps

Choose landlord home emergency cover and we can organise and pay for an approved tradesperson to provide emergency assistance and repairs up to £1,000 per emergency.  

This isn't a home maintenance contract so boiler servicing and replacing worn out parts are not included. We also cannot cover warm air, solar and under floor heating systems.

You can only get landlord home emergency cover if you've got our landlord insurance.