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I’ve heard about the motor insurance directive and VNUK, but what does it mean? Is my car insured in a car park?

A case called VNUK held at the European Court determined that compulsory insurance must be in place in respect of any motor vehicle being used on private land to which the public don’t have access, this extends to any mechanically propelled vehicle so includes vehicles like tractors, farm machinery even down to things like racing cars! These types of vehicles used on private land didn’t require compulsory insurance prior to the ruling of this particular case.

The new legislation means insurance premiums could increase across the board because of an increase to levy’s paid to the Motor Insurers Bureau who would be dealing with claims involving vehicles being used on private land, such as tractors. They also support uninsured driver claims and terrorism through the use of motor vehicles.

A bill has been passed through parliament to get this legislation redacted in the UK. As always, LV= car insurance customers who use their cars on public roads as well as on private land such as carparks to which the public have access to, your insurance remains the same, and you are covered.

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