Insurance FAQs

What do I do if the provider of my transport, accommodation or excursion goes bankrupt?

If you have an Essential policy there is no cover on your LV= travel policy for this situation; however the information below may help you get your costs back from elsewhere.

If you have a Premier policy you have cover under Section L: If your transport, accommodation or excursion provider goes bankrupt; however before that cover applies you must have tried to reclaim any lost costs from all available alternatives.

Below are details of what you need to do.

  • If you paid using a Credit or Debit card, please contact your card issuer or Bank first as you may be able to claim via the Consumer Credit Act or by doing a Chargeback
  • If you paid by any other means, such as PayPal, please check with the payment provider to see if you can claim a refund
  • If you booked through a travel agent who has now failed, please refer to ABTA for advice and support. You should also contact the travel agent directly if that is possible and/or follow the advice they are giving
  • If you were issued with an ATOL certificate when you booked you may be protected by the ATOL consumer protection scheme. ATOL provide you with information on making a claim and the latest news on companies that have failed that had ATOL protection

Once you have checked and confirmed you are unable to get compensation for all your lost or additional costs you will be able to make a claim on your LV= Premier policy.


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