Insurance FAQs

Does my LV= travel insurance cover cruises?

When you get a quote for a single trip policy you'll be asked if any part of your trip includes a cruise. If you answer 'yes' to this question, cruise cover will be added to your policy.

When you take out an annual multi trip policy with us, cruise cover is automatically included as standard.

As well as extending your policy to cover your cruise, our cruise cover also provides:

  • Cover to rejoin the cruise should you need medical treatment on land
  • £150 for each port stop on your itinerary that is cancelled after the trip start date
  • A payment of £100 on Essential and £150 on Premier for each 24 hours you are confined to your cabin on the orders of the ship's medical officer (up to a maximum £1,000 on Essential and £1,500 on Premier)
  • On our Premier policy, you also have cover up to £1,000 for transport and accommodation to get you back onto the cruise should you miss the scheduled departure of the cruise because a pre-booked excursion is late returning.

Your policy documents will confirm if cruise cover is included.

I’m already on holiday and I’d like to go on a cruise, am I covered?

If you have an annual multi trip policy with us, cruise cover is included as standard, so you can go ahead and book a cruise as part of your trip with no worries.

If you have a single trip policy and you’d like to go on a cruise during your current trip away, just give us a call us on 0330 678 6222 and we’ll add cruise cover to your policy.

Lines open:
8am - 8pm Monday to Friday
9am - 5pm Saturday and Bank Holidays
10am - 4pm Sunday
Calls will be recorded. For Text Phone: dial 18001 first.

Is there an age limit on travel insurance for cruises?

There is no separate age limit if you are going on a cruise.

Our annual multi-trip policy has an upper age limit of 79 years. However, the maximum trip length we can cover for anyone between the age of 65 and 79 years is 90 days or 31 days if you're 80 years of age or over.

Find out more about our cruise cover


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