The LV= Gift Buying Guide for Pets

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Spread some Christmas cheer to your pets this festive season and fill their stockings with great gifts, treats and toys.  

  • Pet-centric presents can be a fantastic way to spread the festive fun
  • The best gifts are the ones that keep your pet stimulated and provide plenty of long-term value
  • Only consider clothing and costumes if your pet is perfectly happy and used to wearing clothes 

We all love our pets, so why not tick a few things off their Christmas list? From pet-friendly fashion to the latest tech, you’re bound to find a little inspiration in our gift buying guide for dogs and cats.

We’ve wrapped up what’s hot and what’s not this festive season below: 

Personalised gifts

Personalised presents make for unique gifts that’ll leave your pet the envy of their friends. You’ll find plenty of places online to customise your pet gear with an individual name or splashed with their winning smile. From beds and pillows to biscuits and beer, you can mark up a whole range of pet-centric presents with your furry friends beloved brand.

Sites like or are great places to start – we’re big fans of a stylish neckerchief decorated with a pooch’s face and a strategy cat game.

Practical presents

Not that there isn’t space for a personalised pet towel in your life, but gifts that serve a purpose are usually the best things you can buy your pet. Not only will they spread a little joy and make your dog or cat happy, often they make your life easier too.

Cold weather is no fun on a daily walk, so be sure your dog wraps up warm with a cosy jumper or wet-weather jacket, especially if they are small or short-haired. Or, keep your pooch fit and active with a pet pedometer, to ensure they’re hitting their steps target when on your morning stroll.

Fun toys

Cat-owners will know that our feline friends can be inquisitive. Keep your cat active and engaged with a new cat tower or scratching post. Your furry friend will be able to watch the wonderful chaos of Christmas from the comfort of their watchtower – and they’ll have plenty of fun with the packaging after.

There are also toys that encourage stimulation and interaction, which can be a fantastic gift to keep your cat amused. Play circuits and interactive balls are often big hits with most felines.

Gifts for the ‘Gram

A cute gift can be a great present for a good-looking pet. Just be sure that your furry friend is happy with anything you decide to dress them in as some pets aren’t fans of dressing-up.

Dressing up as Santa Paws with a dog-friendly Santa’s hat or a pair of felt reindeer antlers can help your pet join the party. If you are buying these presents, just ensure that they are made from pet-friendly materials and take them off if your pet is showing any signs of discomfort. 

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