A guide to coping with the death of your pet

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Bereavement support

If you don’t feel you're getting the support you need from your friends or family, or you're finding it hard to open up to them just now, we're here for you. LV= Pet customers can call our pet helpline on 0800 138  6533 and get counselling for pet illness and bereavement.

If you don’t have a pet policy with us, don’t worry, there's other help available: 

  • Support Line has useful info and links to pet bereavement services

The financial cost of losing a pet

If you don't have pet insurance, the cost of treating your pet can get expensive and become a burden, especially if they've developed a terminal illness, or been involved in an accident.

Most pet insurers, including LV=, may not cover pre-existing conditions, so the best time to look into insuring your cat or dog is before they suffer from any illness or accident. This way, you're more likely to be able to claim back the costs - or your insurer can pay your vet directly so you only need to pay your excess.

Our policyholders can claim for the purchase price of their pet up to the following limits:

  • Time limited policies - up to £1,500
  • Lifetime policies - up to £1,500

This means you get back what you paid for your pet if they pass away because of an accident or illness. The cover if your pet dies due to illness is removed at the end of a policy following a dog’s 9th and a cat’s 11th birthday.

Visit our claims page to download a pet claim form

 If you’re claiming vet’s fees and the purchase price, please complete the vets fees claim form. If you’re only claiming the purchase price and your pet wasn't seen by a vet please complete the death claim form.
  • Check the information on the form is correct and fill in the remaining sections
  • Sign and date the claim form
  • Ask your vet to complete and sign the declaration
  • Provide all necessary paperwork for the section you're claiming under (please see the claim form for guidance)
  • Send us your completed claim form and supporting documents to the address on the form