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Role Q&A with Charlotte Rae

Getting to know Charlotte Rae, Customer Experience Manager at LV=

1. How long have you worked at LV=?
I joined LV= three a half years ago as a Digital Content Executive, responsible for maintaining and improving the company’s website.

2. What is it you now do at LV=?
I’m now Customer Experience Manager which means I oversee Design, Content and User Experience (UX) for LV= General Insurance. Ultimately, my job is to ensure that we provide our customers and users of our websites with the best experience possible. 

3. What do you like most about your job?
Hands down, it has to be the people. I have the most incredible team and I’m also really lucky to be supported by some amazing managers.  What makes our team so special is that although we view customer experience with a different lens from our individual disciplines (whether from a content, design or UX perspective), we have shared goals and aspirations which mean we collaboratively make the right decisions for our customers. 

I know it’s really cliché but I also like the variety of my job. No two days are the same, particularly in world of digital. The expectations of  users is constantly changing - both the way they want to interact with us and the devices they choose to do it on -so we always have to be one step ahead, trying to pre-empt what they want and provide it for them. 

4. And the least?
I have so many ideas and am keen to make continuous improvements but there simply aren’t enough hours in the day. So I solve this by focusing on ensuring we’re doing the right things for what our customers need and want now. 

5. What are some of the upcoming projects you’re working on?
We’ve just launched a brand new website, so it’s been a very busy but also exciting time for us. With regards to what’s next, we’re looking to make all online transactions seamless. We’re also focussing on testing and understanding what works for our customers and using this learning to personalise our online journeys. 

6. You’ve recently been promoted into this role. What are your aspirations for the team?
Right now, my priority is on finding the right people to fill the vacancies in my team. Once I’ve done that, I plan to turn my attention to ensuring that all our goals and aspirations are aligned so we know what we need to achieve. I also believe what makes a strong team is progression planning, so I also want to develop people in the team who demonstrate exceptional leadership qualities to support the next step in their career.

7. What type of people are you looking for in your growing team? 
People who aren’t afraid to get stuck in, ask questions, be supportive and challenge when necessary. A great knowledge of digital is essential but not necessarily related to insurance. It would actually be great to bring in experience from other industries, as it would create a fantastic dynamic for the team. Finally, people who have great influencing skills and are used to working with people of all levels is a must-have.

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