How can you avoid being scammed?

We’d all like to think we could spot a scam a mile off, right?

Well, some scams are a little less obvious…

At times like this when some people are vulnerable, and with everything that’s going on, you’d like to think that fraudsters are less active. Unfortunately they never rest, and as a result neither do we.

We care about what you care about and we’ll help you protect what you hold dear. We’ve put together some information to keep you up to date with what you need to know to stay safe.

How to know who you're dealing with

Here's what to look out for

When you take out a policy or make a claim with LV=, we have to ask questions, take personal information and sometimes, process a payment.

To help you stay vigilant, here’s how you can be sure you’re talking to LV=, and some red flags to watch out for: 

  • We’ll never ask for your payment card PIN when processing any payment. When we speak to you, we’ll tell you we’re calling from LV= Insurance. We’ll never say we’re calling “on behalf of LV=”.
  • If you’re unsure who you’re talking to, ask them to repeat where they’re calling from
  • We’ll never appoint a claims management company (CMC) to look after your motor claim
  • We’ll never send you an email or text you a link asking you to pay for something or asking you to change or verify your personal details 
  • We won’t ever call you from an overseas number
  • We won’t ask you to reset any passwords via an email link
  • We’ll never ask you to pay a fee for our services. You only need to pay the premium for your policy and any excess if you make a claim
  • We’ll never ask you to pay us by a direct bank transfer 
  • LV= does not sell your information. If you’re told, “we got your details from your insurance company”, this is false. The only time this would occur is if one our suppliers needed to get in touch and we’ve told you to expect their call
  • If you make a claim, we’ll never send people to your home without first telling you who they are and what they need to do
  • When verifying your identity on the phone, we’ll never ask for your bank details, the bank you use or any account numbers
  • LV= will never ask you for sensitive information such as your race, sexuality or gender to verify your identity. We only ever need to know information like your name, address and date of birth or car registration number
  • We’ll never instruct a solicitor or other legal representative to act on your behalf unless we've told you first and explained why we’re doing it
  • We won’t send you a letter or email that starts Dear Sir/Madam. If you’re a customer, we’ll know your name and use it on every correspondence
  • We’ll never phone you to ask you for your policy or claim number. We’ll only ask for it if you call us so we can find your details
  • If we need your bank details so we can pay your claim or send a refund, we’ll call you or message you asking you to call us. We’ll take the details over the phone, never by text or email
  • We’ll never ask for your 16 digit bank card number if we’re making a payment to you 
  • Any calls or voicemails from us will always come from a human.  We do not use any robotic recordings for any of our messages 
  • Following a motor accident claim, LV= will never tell you we need to wait for an admission of liability from the other insurer before we settle your claim


If you’re ever in doubt that you’re talking to someone from LV=, it’s best to hang up and check your documents for the correct number, or head to our contact us page.

Scams to look out for