What is Accidental damage cover?

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What is Accidental Damage and what does it cover?

  • Additional Accidental Damage cover protects you against spillages, stains and DIY disasters.
  • Having the right level of home cover now, can save you money and hassle in the long run.

What is Accidental Damage Cover?

Accidental Damage cover can be added to your home insurance policy for unexpected damage to your home and your stuff. It can help with things like DIY disasters, stained carpets or damage caused by pets.

Some level of Accidental Damage cover is included in our Essentials and Home policies, while our Home Plus policies includes full accidental damage.

You can add Accidental Damage cover to your buildings or contents insurance - or both! 

If you choose our Home Plus cover, full Accidental Damage cover comes as standard.


What does LV= Full Accidental Damage Cover include?

  • DIY disasters - like putting your foot through your loft floor - it happens!
  • Damage caused by children - from knocking over valuable objects to spilling drinks.
  • Spillages or stains - including damage to your carpets, furniture and curtains. 
  • Damage caused by pets - like an accident on your cream carpets…
  • Freezer fails - if your freezer is left open or is disconnected by accident, your food will be covered if you have extended Accidental Damage cover on your contents insurance.
  • Accidental breakage - if you drop your phone, tablet or laptop*.

Accidental Damage Cover for buildings insurance

Buildings insurance Accidental Damage covers breakage cover to any part of your home, such as any DIY accidents. Adding Accidental Damage to your building insurance will have you fully covered for things such as DIY disasters. This optional extra for buildings insurance can help protect you if you have an accident at home and don’t know how to resolve it.

Accidental Damage Cover for contents insurance

Accidental Damage for contents insurance gives you increased cover for valuable items that may be damaged by young children, pets or the occasional spillages and stains. Additional Accidental Damage can cover any contents in your home such as a picture falling off a wall and any accidental damage caused to visitors’ belongings. 

Why do you need Accidental Damage Cover?

Full Accidental Damage cover can save you the headache and cost of repairing broken items in your home.

Every year, LV= receives many accidental damage claims. From January 2023 - December 2023 we received over 24,000 accidental damage claims through our buildings and contents insurance. These claims include things like spillages on carpets, dropped mobile phones, tablets and laptops, as well as water ingress that wouldn’t be covered under storm damage - it really does pay to have cover for those unexpected disasters!

Now you know what’s what when it comes to Accidental Damage cover, make sure you’ve got the right amount of protection for your home and belongings.
When it comes to extras, there’s more than just Accidental Damage cover, we also offer Home Legal Expenses and more. Want to know about our other optional extras? Take a look at other add-ons we provide to help you be the most protected.

* damage to your laptop, tablet, tv or games console is covered on limited accidental damage for contents.

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