The rising cost (and unexpected costs) of living...

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We've worked with a real family to show just how important insurance is, and how it can help with unexpected (and unwanted) costs...

  • 11% of Brits say they’ll cancel their insurance policies to save money
  • We worked with a real-life family to show how insurance can save the day
  • Family life can be full of accidents, but LV= has your back

LV= Unexpected Costs of Living

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The rising cost of living

As the rising cost of living continues to be a constant concern for many of us, families are starting to look at ways to cut back and save money. A recent survey by YouGov asked ‘in which areas would you make your first cutbacks?’ and more than one in ten participants said they would cut back on insurance policies if household budgets became a squeeze.

Why is insurance important?

From cancelled flights to DIY projects and all the car issues in between, here at LV=, we’re here when family life throws a spanner in the works. Sometimes, literally.

We worked with a real family to bring to life the importance of insurance, because whilst you can plan for household costs, it’s inevitably the unexpected costs that can leave you feeling overwhelmed and anxious – especially right now. 

Our family were previously insurance novices, so we created some very real scenarios that could prove costly for you and your family. No worries though, in each of the scenarios, there's an LV= insurance policy to help you out.

So, let’s get into it…

You can budget for school lunches… you can’t budget for clumsy teenagers.

It’s early morning in the bustling family home. Imagine the scenes, teenager hurtling down the stairs, late for school (as usual), but then disaster strikes. As he grabs his backpack, his tablet shoots out - smashing on the floor.

Panic, right? Well, with LV='s Accidental Damage cover, you’ll have it sorted in no time.

Your tech-loving teen will have to make do with a book for now!

You can budget for summer holidays… you can’t budget for flight issues.

It’s holiday time - excitement is in the air and the family are frantically packing up their life for two weeks in the sun. The taxi has arrived, and they’re just about to leave, then they receive the dreaded update ‘your flights have been delayed until tomorrow’. 

Nightmare, right? LV=’s Premier Travel insurance will help with additional costs up to £1,000 to get you to your destination. 

Sadly though, we can’t help with disappointed travel buddies.

You can budget for the family road trip… you can’t budget for breaking down on the driveaway.

Love staycations? Millions of families across the UK fill up the car and head off on a good old staycation, but imagine not even getting off the driveway as you begin your road trip.

The LV= Britannia Rescue roadside assist policy will have you and the family back on the road in no time.

And, whilst the Britannia Rescue team may not be able to help with the dreaded ‘are we nearly there yet?’ questions, we can! We've even got an expert to let us know the formula for a backseat tantrum (yes, really!), so you can try and avoid it…

T = 70 + 0.5E + 15F - 10S

T shows time to tantrum, E represents minutes a child is entertained and F shows how providing food and snacks will buy parents another 15 minutes before a tantrum occurs.

The final variable (S) is for siblings – the more brothers and sisters in the car quickening the likelihood of an explosion by 10 minutes.

To find out more, head to our ‘To find out more, head to our ‘are we nearly there yet’ article..

You can budget for DIY projects… you can’t budget for the new carpet.

If you fancy yourself as a DIY whizz, maybe it’s time for a change up? Our family thought just that, and it was all going so well until dad knocked the paint can over. Carpet ruined. 

It’s a good job they’re covered with LV=’s Full Accidental Damage Cover

You can budget for family parties… you can’t budget for the broken TV! 

Halloween is full of tricks and treats, so we challenged our family to get into the scary spirit. The entire family got dressed up (we have to give a special shout out to dad's clown outfit!), but disaster struck when his teenage son got a little bit over excited with  the pinata. A smashed TV wasn’t really the trick we had in mind...

Don’t be caught looking like a clown this Halloween. Make sure your home is party protected with LV='s contents insurance.

You can budget for a great family Christmas… you can’t budget for a new windscreen.

Christmas is coming, and it’s safe to say we’ve all felt that sense of accomplishment as we take a step back and admire the finished Christmas tree. This family felt just that, but Santa had other ideas when he fell from the roof and into their parked car… 

Luckily, LV=’s comprehensive car insurance has you covered, even when Santa arrives a little early...


If you’d like more information on how to make a claim, or if some of these scenarios sound very real, head to our LV= homepage to find out more.

Already insured? It may be a good time to make sure your insurance policy is up to date and still meets all your needs.