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We know making a claim when you're not at fault can be confusing, so we're here to keep things simple.

We’re sorry to hear about your recent incident. Rest assured you’re in safe hands with us, and our recoveries team will take it from here. 

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Some frequently asked questions...

I think my incident was captured on CCTV, do I need to get the evidence myself? 

If you think your incident was captured, please enquire with the owner of the CCTV system (usually displayed on a sign attached to the camera) as soon as you can. Usually, CCTV is only available for 7-30 days and a copy will need to be made. Once you have confirmed the incident was captured please send us:

  • A name and address of the contact we need to speak to
  • A phone number for the person or organisation
  • Any reference numbers provided

You can send this information to [email protected] quoting your reference number or just give us a call. We'll handle the request for footage on your behalf. 

If you have any other evidence (dashcam footage, witness notes, photographs) and we haven't requested them, please keep them safe just in case. We’ll let you know if we need them at a later date.

What if an accident management company or solicitor is acting on my behalf?

If you or your broker have instructed a solicitor or accident management company to deal with any aspect of your claim, please let us know so you don't lose the opportunity to claim with us later on. Please tell us: 

  • Their company name and contact details
  • A name of a contact within the company dealing with your claim
  • Their reference number

If you don't have a solicitor acting on your behalf but you have been injured, please call us on the number above and we'll be happy to refer you to a panel solicitor to help you.



What happens if we instruct one of our solicitors? 

Don't worry, the costs will be covered by us. 

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  • Our solicitors (Lyons Davidson or Horwich Farrelly) will make initial contact with the third party or their insurer to chase the payment. You'll receive an introduction letter from them.
  • If no payment is received, the solicitors will  proceed with litigation (take legal action). 
  • They'll send you a pack which you'll need to read and sign to confirm you're happy for them to act on your behalf. If you don't provide your consent, our solicitors won't be able to proceed and may have to abandon recovery. This could impact your premium with other insurers. 
  • If you have any uninsured losses to claim back (e.g. loss of earnings or injuries), please make our solicitor aware. You may need to provide evidence. 
  • If legal action is required, it may take a few months for the courts to be in touch. Our solicitor will keep you updated throughout the process. 

What if my case goes to a hearing? 

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  • Don't worry - if a hearing date is set by the courts, the majority of cases will  be settled by the third party’s solicitor without the need for a hearing.
  • If your case goes to a hearing, it normally means that the third party has defended the claim and has possibly put in a counter-claim (opposing argument) against you.
  • There are strict deadlines for submitting evidence. Your solicitor will send you a statement that you’ll need to complete, sign and send back.
    This must be submitted to the court by the date given. If the deadline is missed, the solicitors will discontinue the case. If the case is discontinued and there's a counter-claim, this will automatically be awarded in the third party's favour and we will have to pay all their costs.
  • You need to be prepared to go to the allocated court and provide an account of your incident. The solicitors will provide you with counsel to attend the hearing.
  • The judge will then make a decision based on the accounts and evidence given on the day.

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