Insurance FAQs

Does everyone on an LV= travel insurance policy have to travel together?

No, you don't have to travel together - so long as everyone named on your policy is aged 22 or over, our policies will cover you to travel separately. However, any named children on your policy under the age of 22 will automatically be covered to travel while accompanied by the policyholder or their spouse, another person named on the policy aged 22 years or older or while travelling on an organised trip with a school, university or club when accompanied by a responsible adult.

If you'd like anyone named on your policy who is 16 to 21 years old to be covered to travel independently, you'll need to select the option for unaccompanied travellers aged 16 - 21. Alternatively, anyone over 16 years of age can take out a policy in their own name.

If anyone under the age of 16 needs to travel independently, please call us on 0330 678 6223 as we may be able to offer cover.

Lines are open:

8am - 8pm Monday to Friday
9am - 5pm Saturday and Bank Holidays
10am - 4pm Sunday

Calls will be recorded. For Text Phone: dial 18001 first.