The very best pet names, from the cute to the kooky

The LV= Pet Name Hall of Fame  

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They're a creative lot, our customers, and when it comes to pet names, they really shine. We've trawled through the LV= pet insurance database to discover the most unique and imaginative pet names in the UK. 

  • Our ten favourite LV= pet names
  • The most popular dog and cat names
  • Which came first, Chicken or Egg?
We’ve used our keen cat’s eyes and bloodhound noses to track down the most unusual, unique and ingenious pet names in the UK.

Unfortunately, there’s only enough room for ten in our chart, but there are so many that came close to making the cut, and we think they give great insight into the creativity of our customers.

For example, one LV= pet insurance customer called their dog Baby George – after the future monarch perhaps?

There’s also comic book and cartoon fans with dogs named Tony Stark, Stan-Lee and Peewee Herman, and film fans with dogs called Harlem Nights and Spartacus. Inexplicably, there are two dogs named Demon Fred.

Some of the strangest pet names include Demon Fred and Pingu

The cat owners have been clever too, with feline names ranging from the mythological (Persephone) to the mirthful (Pingu). We can also finally answer the question, ‘Which came first, the chicken or the egg?’ With three cats called Chicken and only two called Egg, in our table at least, it would seem the chicken came first.

So, without further ado, here are our favourite pet names. If you spot your pet's name, let us know – and if you think we’ve missed your fabulously named pet off the list, just leave a comment on our Facebook page.

Pet name hall of fame

The list didn’t just reveal the most unusual pet names, but the most common – and a lot of the same names cropped up for both dogs and cats. Here are the most popular pet names in the UK.

Most common pet names

Cat owners aren’t as outnumbered as the statistics suggest. There are more dogs in our table than cats because dog owners are more likely to have insured their pet. According to the ABI, only one in four of the nine million dog owners in the UK are believed to have pet insurance, while that figure drops to just one in seven of the 7.9 million UK cat owners.

The five most popular cat names are:


Tilly, one name that doesn’t make it into the top ten, is still very common - 195 dogs are also called Tilly.

No matter what your pooch is called, make sure they're protected with pet insurance.

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Pet name information from LV= pet database and correct as of September 2017.


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