Insurance FAQs

How much of a pet insurance claim do I have to pay?

The policy excess is the amount you have to pay towards the cost of a claim. The vet fees excess is made up of a compulsory flat excess plus any additional voluntary excess amount you have chosen.

On our Time Limited policies the excess applies to each condition. On our Lifetime policies the excess applies to each condition each policy year ie the compulsory flat excess plus any voluntary excess will be taken again if the claimed for treatment continues into a new policy year.

If you have a lifetime policy, once your dog reaches 8 or your cat 10 years of age, after the flat excess amount/s have been taken from your claim, we'll pay 80% of the remaining vet fees that are covered by the policy.

For third party liability claims and (if you have a Lifetime £10,000 policy) accidental damage claims, the excess is £250 for each property damage claim. (Please be aware that if your pet causes injury to another pet, this is damage to a person's property and the £250 excess will apply).

There is no excess for other types of claim, such as holiday cancellation, advertising and reward if your pet is lost or stolen, or death from illness or accident.