Insurance FAQs

What is the home claim upload and how do I use it?

If you had photos or other files available when you reported your home claim, your claims handler should have already sent you a text message with a link to the home claim upload so you can share them with us.

If you don’t have the link or there’s a problem, please get in touch with your home claims handler and they’ll be happy to help.

Use the link to access the upload page which will guide you through the process. We’ll let you know as and when we need any more information.

Can I get the link by email?

We’ll send you the home claim upload link in an SMS text message. Tip: if you want to upload your photos or files from another device, like a tablet or PC, you could send the link to your email address.

Can I reply to the text message?

You won’t be able to reply to the SMS text message but if you need to tell us something to do with your claim, please get in touch with your claims handler.

What quality do my images need to be?

To help us assess your claim, your images should clearly show the information that your claims handler has requested; for example, if they’ve asked for close up images of the wall damage, the damage needs to be in focus and clearly visible.

Our home claim upload portal will guide you through each step and provide examples so you know what we’re looking for.

• We support the file types .jpeg .jpg .png .doc .docm .docz .html .msg .pdf .rtx .word .xls .xlsm .xlsx .csv .tff .tiff

• Files can’t be any bigger than 20MB

How long is my home claim photo or file upload link valid?

Your link will be valid for 5 days and you’ll be able to use it multiple times to send us any documents that may be useful.
If your link expires and you have more files you’d like to share, get in touch with your claims handler and ask for a new link.

Will I be charged for uploading photos or files from my mobile?

Your usual network rates apply so it’s best to make sure you’re connected to Wi-Fi before accessing the link from a mobile device.

Can I use the link outside the UK?

You can use the link to upload your home claim photos and files anywhere you have an internet connection.