Insurance FAQs

Is my bike insured?

Do you ever find yourself wondering 'is my bicycle insured under my home insurance?'  Well, if you're with LV= then the answer is yes! Bikes are covered as standard with LV= contents insurance as 'an item in your home' - even if you keep it in your garage.

If you want cover for your bike away from home, you can take out 'bicycles cover' which covers you for up to £1,000 per bike. If your bike is worth more than £1,000, please make sure you specify this when you set up your policy.

If you take your bike away with you on trips, you may be wondering 'is my bicycle insured on holiday?'  Well, we'll cover this, too. With the 'bicycles cover' we mentioned above, you'll have insurance for your bike across the UK and worldwide.

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