What your eco-personality says about you

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Do you have a growing collection of plants or struggle to get rid of old gadgets? Your home habits say more about you than you think.


We’re spending time at home more than ever, with blended working meaning our homes have become more than just a roof over our heads. Have you ever wondered what your home habits say about you? Whether you’re a plant parent or the ultimate up-cycler, TV behavioural psychologist Emma Kenny has explored the personality traits associated with this.

We all love taking care of our homes, from decorating them to keeping them clean and fresh. It’s no surprise that many Brits have the same attitude towards our planet, with over 80 percent being worried about climate change. After all, Earth is our home.


Working with behaviour expert Emma Kenny, we’ve put together a guide on the main five eco-personalities, based on your home habits. Let’s take a look and see what these say about you...


What's your eco-personality type?

The plant parent: Is your house filled with plants, but you can’t stop yourself from buying more? You’re definitely a plant parent.

You're a natural nurturer at heart and love to see the people that you love thrive. You care deeply about the happiness of others at a cost to yourself at times. Whilst you love to please the people of meaning in your life, and are first in line when they need some good advice, you're certainly no walk over, meaning that people who underestimate you do so at their own risk.

The speedy showerer: as the name hints, if you're part of this category you get in and out of the shower in the blink of an eye, as you like to waste no time (or water!)

You're a scrupulous scheduler who loves it when a plan comes together. Whilst some may see you as a little OTT (over the top) when it comes to organisation, as far as you’re concerned, if a job’s worth doing then it’s worth doing well. Your conscientious and diligent nature means that you're trusted amongst your peers, and this brings you a sense of great satisfaction. You bask in the knowledge that whenever there’s a problem, you’re sure to find a solution.

The creative composter: whether you’re the proud owner of a compost bin or you can be found re-growing herbs and veggies from scraps - you hate waste.

You're creative, highly inventive and you see potential and possibilities in every situation you encounter. Your capacity to see the bigger picture means that you're always dreaming up new adventures making you an exciting, and at times spontaneous person to be around. You see the best in everyone and go out of your way to point out people's achievements no matter how small they may be. Your loving nature seems to stretch to everyone

The ultimate up-cycler: You love using different bits and bobs you find around your house to give them new life into useful products, nothing useful ever gets thrown away if it’s on your watch!

Positivity runs through your veins and that’s why you're never short of a social invite or two! Your perfectionist nature can at times mean that you take on a little too much, but it’s also why you're considered a trusted and loyal friend and colleague. Saying no, and mastering the art of delegation would benefit your life, but due to your optimistic nature you tend to be satisfied with things just the way they are

The energy saver: Hate when people leave the light on when it’s sunny outside? Then you’re definitely an energy saver at heart.

You're known for your straight to the point attitude and have an unusual talent for sniffing out secrets. Whilst some would say you're on the blunt side, you make no apologies for this, as you believe that honesty is always the best policy and those close to you appreciate your trusted perspective. Due to your shrewd nature you're an excellent negotiator and in your close relationships this means that you rarely encounter conflict as you can always reach common ground.

Why is it important to be eco-conscious?

Like we mentioned earlier, Earth is our home, so it’s important that we take care of it like we would with our individual homes.

Whether you're an energy saver, or a speedy showerer your home habits can always make a difference!


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