Hosting a party? Here's how to party-proof your home...

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It's that time of year! We all want to be the hosts with the most for our festive parties, but how can we party-proof our homes?

With temperatures steadily dropping, hosting a party at home sounds very inviting. But there are some risks to ditching the pub for the living room, so we’ve put together a guide on how to host a successful party whilst keeping your house intact...

How to plan the perfect party 

Step 1: Make a game plan
The key to a successful and stress-free party is efficient planning, being well organised can save you a lot of hassle. Theme, guestlist, dress code, menu, play list... oh, and party-proofing of course! But we'll get to that.

Step 2: Game-changing party decorations
Creating your own decorations and signs is a great way to get the kids involved with the party prep and might even inspire those little ones. Making your own also means you can make them more environmentally friendly, reusable and recyclable!
Step 3: Keep your guests happy: food & drink
One of the best parts of any party is party food so to make your party memorable, make sure you've got plenty of finger food and snacks. Also remember to have options for all, especially keeping in mind any dietary restrictions and your vegan and vegetarian friends so that all your guests are well fed.  Drinks and food go hand in hand so don't forget to have drinks at the ready, to make sure there are plenty of choices. 

Step 4: A little bit of ambiance.
Fancy switching up the living room lighting? We know it’s winter and candles set a nice ambiance, but it’s a party so it’s important to avoid any fire hazards. Fairy lights and electric candles are a great way to create the same effect. Want something a little more jazzy? These days retailers like B&Q have plenty of party light options – you could even opt for a smoke machine.

And if you want to engage all the senses, you should think about your party scent… Did you know that research by neuroscientists has found that scent plays a more important part in whether people have a good time than they’d previously thought, as they have the ability to alter our emotions and moods so make sure you have some air freshener on hand.

Final step, after all it is winter, so don’t forget to have some blankets on display in case people want to cosy up. 

How to party-proof your home?

Once your party is planned, it’s now time to start thinking about party proofing your home. Research has found that 15 percent of Brits claim their homes have been completely trashed by a large party. We’ve put together 5 ways to party-proof your home, better safe than sorry!

1. Defend the valuables 
At any party, it's important to keep your valuables safe to avoid them getting damaged or lost, so keep fragile items in a safe space is a must. 

We recommend storing your items that are fragile and/or irreplaceable, in a safe place, this could be a bedroom that’s not accessible to guests or a room / cabinet that can be locked. It’s quite simple to find what items to store away, when getting your home party ready ask yourself: “Would I be upset if that got broken?”. If the answer is Yes, then make sure it’s stored safely. 

Oh and remember, if there are children coming lock away potentially hazardous sharp objects and maybe don’t have glass that can get easily smashed out and about.

2. Protect that sofa 
When guests are drinking and eating, it’s almost inevitable that food or drinks will spill and if you’re serving red wine you’ll want to make a plan of attack in case any spills, especially as research has shown that 42% of Brits have had wine stains on soft furnishings after a party. Use tablecloths for tables and slipcovers or a throw for sofas will help to reduce the risk of ruining your furniture. 

3. Have essentials to hand 
Before guests arrive make sure you have your essential team in formation, ready for the start of the match. These include bottle opener, spare cutlery, rubbish bags, paper towels, multi surface wipes, washing up liquid, dustpan and brush. Knowing where all the essentials are makes it easier to keep the house tidy during your party, so that you don’t wake up to a mess. 

4.Avoid fouls
The last thing you would like to happen is for someone to trip over and hurt themselves, wires are a very common tripping hazard so ensure that only necessary wires are out and unplug all electrical appliances that will not be used. 

5. Have designated bin spaces
Having visible designated spaces with bins for all guests is very important to keep your house tidy. This will make it much easier for you to clean the day after the party. And avoid any unwanted mess in your home.

Enjoy the party with a relaxed mind

Now that you have planned an amazing party and party-proof your home you're almost ready. There is one last thing to do if you want to enjoy your party without much stress. If you’re still worried that your house might get ruined, or some objects will get destroyed, you’ll spend the party on high-alert. To avoid ruining your fun and to keep your mind worry-free, make sure you’re covered by home and contents insurance.

Already have home insurance? Check what it currently covers and think of purchasing additional accidental damage insurance if needed but rest assured that this coupled with following our guide will (almost) guarantee a stress free party - depending on the results of course. For those that don’t already own home insurance, what are you waiting for? 

Finding the home and contents insurance is the ultimate move to make sure you can host parties with no stress. Get a contents, buildings or combined home insurance quote with LV=.


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