Here's how we helped our customers during Storms Dudley and Eunice...

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In the midst of the most severe storms for a generation, we made sure we were here for our customers when they needed us most...

  • Storms Dudley and Eunice caused unimaginable distress and damage for many
  • How did we help our LV= home insurance customers affected by storm damage?
  • We were touched to receive some heart warming feedback from our customers

In February 2022 we experienced two of the worst storms we’ve seen for a while, and no one was left unaffected. Early estimates suggest damages from the storms could reach between £2.5 and £4.2 billion.

Our amazing claims teams worked round the clock to give our customers the support they needed as quickly as possible. A few weeks on from Dudley and Eunice, we’ve had some heart-warming feedback from the people we helped, LV= Customer Brand Engagement Manager Kirstin Lloyd gives us some insight into what they said...

Here for our customers during the storms

Mrs E’s injury claim

We received a call from Mrs E after the storms blew off some ridge tiles from her house. As her husband went outside to check the damage, he unfortunately fell down because of the winds and broke his hip. Mrs E was understandably distressed about this, and explained to us she has mobility issues and struggles to get around easily.

Our lovely LV= handler immediately recognised the tough situation Mrs E was in. Using our key principles of ‘speed, ease and heart’, we waived Mrs E’s £250 excess to make this troubling time a little easier. We also identified a delay with the original supplier appointed to the case, so appointed one of our own builders under emergency instruction. Finally, we completed a Green Heart nomination and sent Mrs E some flowers.

Mr C’s property claim

Mr C called us to report a tree had fallen on his roof, knocking several tiles off. Mr C told us his wife was unfortunately terminally ill, and lived in the lounge area of the house. Although the lounge was luckily undamaged, the property damage naturally added extra pressure to an already difficult situation. Shortly after the claim had been logged, we sadly learnt Mr C’s wife had passed away.

Recognising the urgency of the situation, we completed a cash settlement for Mr C, who had received his own quote from a tradesman. At a later stage, Mr C raised some concerns about his tradesman. After speaking to Home Repair Network Limited (HRNL), further concerns were raised about Mr C potentially being scammed. HRNL agreed to carry out the works on a private basis. Mr C then discovered further damage to his property, so we appointed one of our builder’s under emergency instruction. Finally, we completed a Green Heart nomination and sent flowers and a card to Mr C.

Mr M’s property claim

LV= received a call from Mr M who told us his garage roof had been damaged, and his garden fence had fallen down into his neighbour’s property. He informed us he had suffered a brain burnout some years before, and sometimes finds new or difficult situations overwhelming.

We asked Mr M for permission to disclose his details to the suppliers. He was happy for us to do this. One of our builders went round, and even went the extra mile of tidying up the loose bricks and mess caused in the garden. Mr M told us he was very pleased with the extra help from the supplier.

We were honoured to be able to help our lovely customers during their hour of need. Not just in the practical sense, but to be an understanding ear when they needed it most, too. The storms have made it more apparent than ever, that having appropriate home insurance is extremely important. With severe weather becoming more and more common, it's important we all protect our homes should the worst happen.

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