James’s Blog: Garden renovation project

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How did you hear about the cause?

As a member of the Data Science team, we decided it would be a good idea to organise a day to volunteer, and use our volunteering hours as a team in the local area. On a local community 'green spaces' page, we found St John’s Churchyard near Waterloo station which was undergoing a garden renovation project. This was the perfect location as many employees based in the LV= WeWork London Office walk past this garden on the way to work!

How did you organise it? 

After getting in contact with the lead gardener, Viv, the date was set to be 11 May 2022 and a request for volunteers was sent out! A 22-strong group of the London Data Science team took part in the day.

What did you do on the day?

St John’s Church is going under extensive repairs. So, whilst this is going on, the churchyard garden is being redesigned with three key areas: turning the old parterre garden into a woodland area, renovating an old seating area, and generally taking care of the flowerbeds. For the woodland area, we laid a new path through the make up of sand and pavestones making sure it was level and compact. Also, after clearing the seating area, we laid gravel and sand down to create a new base before paving it and constructing the new seats! In terms of general garden care, we improved the quality of the soil with homemade compost and cleared any weeds. An action packed day!

How did it make you feel?

We were all very pleased with the work we did – nobody more pleased than Viv! Personally I like knowing that since we made an impact on this garden, people can walk by on their way to work and feel proud of the beach area that they walk by.