Our green heart supplier promise

Here at LV=, we’re driven to deliver on our Green Heart Supplier Promise and Green Heart Standard. We launched these schemes with the aim to reduce emissions. A large proportion of LV= emissions come from our supplier partners – predominantly through customers’ claims, and we are actively working with our suppliers and customers to reduce the impact of the claims.

A key feature to lowering our footprint has been by driving a culture of ‘Repair over Replace and Reducing waste’. For example, our motor glass suppliers are leading the way, with Autoglass recycling 45,914 during 2022, avoiding 735 tonnes of landfill waste. Our annually increasing repair rate has resulted in a 150,000 kg CO₂ saving.
We’ve also partnered with a new salvage supplier, recycling parts from LV= vehicles that have been written off. This has led to a 102,578 kg CO₂ saving on recycled parts.