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What is Telematics?

Everyone is talking about telematics and whether it is right for them. But what exactly is it and what are the options available? Here, LV= gives you an overview on what it’s all about, and what using a telematics device could mean for you and your car insurance.

Sometimes known as black box car insurance, GPS car insurance or smartbox insurance, telematics is a way of tracking your driving habits and generating premiums or discounts which reflect how you drive. Often used for young drivers, telematics is suitable for any age.

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How does it work?

There are three options:

  • Mobile phone app – An app you download onto your smartphone
  • Telematics black box – A small black box fitted inside your car
  • Plug in box – Fitted to your On Board Diagnostic port (OBD)

All three monitor your driving habits, enabling the insurer to either adjust your premium accordingly, or offer you incentives for what is perceived as safe driving.

What is monitored through a telematics device?

It does vary depending on which insurer you use. Typically the following factors are monitored:

  • Number of miles driven
  • Time of day that the car is used
  • Areas that you drive through
  • Driving technique, including maximum speed
  • How quickly you brake
  • How you take corners

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