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Do you live in a multi car household? You're not alone. One in three households now own two or more cars.

Whether you're a couple with a car each, you live in a shared house with friends or your grown up children still live at home and run their own cars, you're part of a trend that's seen a growth in households with two or more cars.

And this trend has caught the imagination of car insurance companies (like us) who offer discounted multi car insurance for households with more than one car.

What is multi car insurance?

Our multi car insurance is a convenient way to insure up to six cars that are registered to the same address on one policy.

Although the cars are all on the same policy, each one has its own level of cover. So you can decide how much excess you want to pay on each vehicle and you'll continue to build up your individual no claim discount. This means that if one car is involved in an accident, the no claim discount on the other cars isn't affected.

Plus, you can choose which additional cover options you want to add to each policy, so you can tailor the cover to suit your needs.

Why should I take out multi car insurance?

Three good reasons to take out multi car insurance. 

1. Your insurance could be cheaper 

Insurance companies usually offer a discounted price if you take out insurance on more than one car with them. So, you could find that your overall insurance costs go down with a multi car policy.

2. It's more convenient

Insurance for all the vehicles included on the policy will renew on the same day. This takes away the stress of trying to remember which car needs to be renewed and when. You'll also have just one insurance company to deal with which makes the process much more straightforward.

3. The whole household can be covered

At LV= we offer cover for up to six cars and 12 drivers, even larger households can be covered. So, if you're a parent, multi car insurance is an ideal way to make sure all cars driven by the family have the right level of cover.
Insurance for all vehicles included on the policy will renew on the same day. This takes away the stress of trying to remember which car needs to be renewed and when.

How does multi car insurance work?

If insurance cover is already in place for all the cars in your household, but the cars renew on different dates, you may be wondering how they all come together on one policy with one renewal date.

Well, the good news is that you won't need to cancel any policies in order to take out multi car insurance.

At LV= you can start a multi car insurance policy with one car and add other cars from your household as they come up for renewal.

So, for example. Ann's car is due for renewal now. She's decided the most cost-effective way to get everyone insured is with a multi car insurance policy.

Ann fills in an online form with the details of the four cars and drivers who will eventually be on the insurance policy. This includes her, Steven, Megan and Holly. Each of their cars has a different excess level, no claim discount and insurance extras.

When the other cars come up for renewal, they are automatically added to the insurance policy. Steven's car comes up for renewal three months after Ann's, and Megan's and Holly's cars two months after that. So Steven, Megan and Holly are only charged for the months they are included on the policy until Ann's next renewal date. On this date all the cars and drivers are included in the renewal.

Ann gets her multi car discount from the date she takes out the insurance and the others get their discount when they join the policy.

Is it right for me?

LV='s multi car insurance is very flexible and can suit lots of different households.

Families with several cars on the drive

You only need to deal with one insurance provider once a year. Easy.


Couples who use each other's car

With LV= up to six cars can be insured and 12 drivers named on the policy.


Student with a car away from home

As long as the car is registered at the same address as the other vehicles on the policy, the car can be included.


Friends sharing a house

You don't have to be related to take out a multi car insurance policy.

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