Insurance FAQs

Am I covered to drive other cars?

If it shows cover for Driving Other Cars on your policy documents, we'll cover you so you're legally allowed to drive someone else's privately owned car, even if you aren't named on their car insurance. This type of cover is referred to as Third Party Only.

This means if you're involved in an accident that's your fault, our policy will cover any damage you may cause to a third party or their property, but we won't cover the car you're driving at all. The owner won't be able to claim for the damage you caused to their car under their own policy either, as you're not named on their insurance.

Whether you’re covered or not, by law the owner still needs to make sure they’ve insured the car to avoid any issues with the police.

As the cover is minimal it's only meant to be used on rare occasions or in emergencies, if you'll be driving someone else’s car on a regular basis, you should get yourself added to their car insurance.  

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