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Illnesses covered

It's important to know which critical illnesses you'll be covered for

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With a critical illness, you want to be sure that the cover you choose will be there for when you need it the most.

Here're some of the most common conditions our customers claimed on last year.

  • Cancer

1 in 2 people born after 1960 are expected to get cancer in their lifetime (Cancer Research UK). In fact, 59% of all our critical illness claims in 2023 were due to cancer.

  • Heart

Heart and circulatory disease cause a quarter of all deaths in the UK; that’s more than 170,000 deaths each year – an average of 480 deaths each day or one every three minutes in the UK.

  • Stroke

Strokes cause around 34,000 deaths in the UK each year (BHF). Strokes are a major health problem and are the single largest cause of disability for the UK.

Full payment conditions covered

We pay out the full amount of cover for 38 conditions.
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Enhanced conditions

Children's critical illness cover

Full payment conditions covered
Additional payment conditions covered
Enhanced conditions for Children's cover