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Pension transfer

Thinking of transferring your pension?

Pension transfer advice

We know that security and peace of mind are important when deciding what to do with your pension

Transferring your defined benefit pension to a defined contribution plan could enable you to take advantage of pension freedoms, giving you more choice with your pension savings.

However, defined benefit pensions have a number of additional benefits which could mean transferring isn't in your best interest.

  • It's a complicated decision to make, but getting financial advice about your retirement options can help you retire with confidence.
  • If you want to transfer a pension with a value of £30,000 or more you’ll be required to take financial advice.
  • Your pension deserves an adviser that specialises in this area of retirement planning and with an approach that puts your interests first.
  • We offer a range of pension and investment products from the Liverpool Victoria group of companies. We also offer investment products from a limited number of other companies, and annuity products from the whole of the market.
Our advice process

Our tried and tested process follows four simple steps:

Step 1

It all starts with a chat

Step 2

Review your options

Step 3

Set up your products

Step 4

Ongoing support

Our process for pension transfers stand up to the highest scrutiny.

Here's a little more about how your adviser will work with you

  • We always put your interests first
  • We consider closely your long-term security in retirement, as well as short-term objectives
  • We use a transparent fee-charging structure that avoids our recommendations being influenced by fees payable if you proceed with a transfer


  • We listen to your aims, circumstances and ambitions
  • We start from the safety-first assumption that a transfer is more likely to be unsuitable
  • We ensure all transfer cases are dealt with by appropriately qualified advisers and are also discussed and challenged at a high level with senior management and compliance personnel
Speak to an adviser

Shall we take this offline?

If you've got questions about your pensions, we're here to help.

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