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The LV= application process

How does the application process work?

At LV= we aim to make the process of applying for protection insurance as simple as possible. The basic price of your protection policy is based on your age, the type of policy you’re applying for, how long you want it to last, and whether you’ve smoked in the last 12 months.

When you apply with LV= you’ll be asked questions about:

  • Your height and weight
  • Your lifestyle, for example whether you smoke or drink alcohol
  • Your medical history, and your family history of certain conditions
  • Your occupation
  • Details of any overseas travel

We need to know this information as it helps us to understand more about you, and any medical or health conditions you have, so we can work out how likely it is that you may claim on your insurance policy in the future. This helps us make a decision about whether we’re able to offer you an insurance policy, and how much you’ll need to pay for it. This process is known as underwriting.


Our expertise

We have experienced, skilled people (known as underwriters) who perform this role, and it’s their job to assess the information you’ve provided and the answers to the questions we’ve asked, so that we can offer you the right outcome for your individual circumstances.

application process

Quote & Apply

Most applications are completed using our online Quote & Apply system which is designed and managed by our underwriters. In this application system we ask the standard questions we ask all customers.

If you provide an answer that means we need additional information, further questions will be asked so that we can better understand your personal circumstances and assess your application.

It is very important that all customers answer all the questions truthfully and accurately as they form the basis of your insurance contract with us. If someone deliberately withholds information, provides false information, or lies to us in their application, at any point during the lifetime of the policy or when making a claim we won’t pay a claim. If we cancel a policy for any of these reasons, we also won't refund any of the money you've paid for it (your premiums).

The Quote & Apply system is designed to make instant decisions for the majority of customers, and by using an automated system it means we’re able to offer access to insurance to as many people as possible in a quick and simple way.

Where an instant decision can’t be provided, your application will be looked at by one of our underwriters, who will use their training and experience to make a decision about whether we can offer you an insurance policy or if we need some additional information before we can do this.

What to expect

During the application process we will ask you to agree that we can write to your doctor for a medical report in case it is needed.

Because it won’t always be needed please don’t assume LV= will write to your doctor to get your medical or health information. It’s your responsibility to provide correct and accurate information.

We will also regularly select a sample of customers to check that they haven’t provided any false or incorrect information on their application.

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