Innocent third party personal injury

Questions about your personal injury claim?

A guide to the injury claims process

  • Step 1: Making Contact 
    Making a personal injury claim? We’ll match you with a dedicated case handler, who’ll check in with you every few weeks to see how you’re doing. We can also help arrange treatments, such as physiotherapy. 
  • Step 2: Rehabilitation and Recovery 
    Once your rehabilitation and medical treatment is complete and you’re on the mend, we may be able to offer compensation. This depends on a number of factors, such as the severity of your injuries. 
  • Step 3: Medical Examination 
    If you’re injuries are on-going, we’ll arrange a medical examination. This way, we’ll have a detailed medical report on your injuries and how long they’re likely to last. We’ll make an offer of compensation based on the report.

What can I claim for? What evidence will I need to provide?

This is a list of common losses, it's not exhaustive. If you feel you have suffered any other financial losses you should discuss them with your claims handler at the earliest opportunity.

The benefits of dealing directly with us for compensation

  • A dedicated injury consultant handles your claim, keeps in contact with you and explains the process.
  • The service we provide is free and you will receive 100% of the compensation.
  • We make the process as convenient for you as we can, including limiting the number of people you have to deal with.
  • You are free to seek your own legal advice at any stage (contact the Citizen's Advice Bureau for further information).
  • We only get in touch by your preferred method of communication, for example phone you on your mobile or landline or email you.

What to expect at the medical examination

We may need to get a medical report to help assess the nature and extent of your injury and help value the compensation for your claim. In this case we arrange for you to attend a medical examination with an independent medical expert. The appointment will take approximately 10-15 minutes and you will be asked about your injuries, what effect they have had on you and if you have had any restrictions to your home or work life.

You may have already supplied some of this information in a questionnaire sent to you before your appointment date. In some cases the medical expert will need to review your medical records. This will be dependent on the injury type or if you have a pre-existing medical condition. A medical report is compiled from all the information and we'll send you a copy to check and confirm you are with happy its contents. We will then value the medical report and make you an offer to settle the claim.

Need to claim? Speak to our friendly people:

Injury team

9am-5pm Monday to Friday

For Text Phone first dial 18001

Calls will be recorded

Vehicle repair and hire

9am - 5pm Monday to Friday

For Text Phone first dial 18001

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Read some of our Frequently Asked Questions

How long will it take to settle my claim?

This is dependent on the time it takes you to recover. We will look to make you a compensation offer once you have recovered or are close to full recovery.


Will you offer me treatment?

In most cases NHS treatment will be available to you via your GP, but we do have medical agencies to facilitate treatment such as physiotherapy, and other forms of treatment if recommended by medical experts.


Do I have to accept your offer of physio?

No, it is a courtesy offer, but if you feel it isn't required then just tell us. It will not affect your right to claim.


Will you get me better?

We at LV= are not medically trained. However, we work closely with medical agencies who can provide a variety of different treatments and advice to assist with your recovery.If you have any concerns with your injury symptoms then you should consult with your GP in the first instance.


Do I need to tell my insurance company about this accident?

Yes, you are required to advise your insurance company of any incidents you have been involved in even if it wasn't your fault.


What if I change my mind about claiming through LV=?

We will never ask you to sign into any contract with us so you are always free to seek legal advice at any stage. Please be aware, however, that if you do sign a contract with a solicitor then we will no longer be allowed to deal with your claim directly with you.


Why should I use you?

We offer a professional and personal service, you will be appointed a dedicated case handler and we will look to settle your claim in a timely manner agreeable by both parties.


How do I know I will get the full compensation and care I'm entitled to?

We will value your claim fairly based on the information we have. We value our reputation and it is important for LV= that we are seen to treat you fairly which is reflected in our company values.


I've had a letter from the Department for Work and Pensions (DWP). What is this and what do I need to do with it?

As an insurer we are legally bound to log all personal injury claims with the DWP; they will send us a copy of the letter you've received. We will take care of this directly with them and you generally do not need to do anything. If we do need to discuss anything in the letter we'll contact you.


Do I pay any fees?

No, we do not charge you any fees and you will receive all of the compensation you are offered.


How long do I have to make my claim?

You have three years from the accident date in which to bring a claim, this date is known as 'limitation'. The exception to this is minors, any injury suffered by children can be claimed for up to their 21st birthday; three years after they turn 18.