Car insurance policy validation

Checking your                          car insurance details

Send us your documents - or find out more about what we need

What you need to do

First up, thank you for choosing us as your insurer.

Now that you've bought your policy, we need you to send us some copies of documents to confirm some of the details you've given us.

These extra checks help us and other insurance companies prevent fraud and keep your premiums as competitive as possible.

You will have received a letter from us asking for copies of documents. You have 14 days from the date we first contacted you to provide the information we've asked for. Please refer to the letter or email you received to find out what documents are needed.

We know that your time is valuable so the quickest way to send us this information is by email. You can take a photo with a smartphone or scan the document, then attach it as a file and email it to us at [email protected]. Please ensure you include your policy number in the email subject line.

Or, if you've got the right documents to hand, you can send them now using the email documents link below.

If you need a little more information…

Proof of no claim discount (NCD).

Your NCD must:

We can accept:

  • NCD Certificate
  • Renewal invitation (if dated within the last 30 days)
  • Driving record (if previously driving a company car), including a start and end date

We can't accept:

  • Statement of facts/demands
  • Certificate of insurance
  • Insurance schedule
  • Any other document issued whilst the insurance was still live

Driving Licence

Even if you have a photocard, we'll need a few more details about your driving licence.

For this, we need you to provide us with a 'licence check code' so we can access your digital driving licence information held on the DVLA's records.

First, visit

Log in using your driving licence number, National Insurance number and postcode

Go to the 'Share your licence information' tab and press the 'Get a code' button

You can also call the DVLA to get your check code number on 0300 083 0013

We'll also need to see a copy of the front of your photo card licence or old-style paper licence (full page)* You can take a photo with a smartphone or scan your licence then attach it as a file and email it to us at: [email protected] along with your licence check code and all your other documents.

If you have one of the following types of driving licence, you only need to send us a photo or scan of the licence:

EU Licence (front and back)
If your licence was issued in Northern Ireland, we'll need to see the front and back of the photo card and the paper counterpart
Please note we don’t accept Pass Certificates

*This is not the paper counterpart which was introduced alongside the photocard licence in 1998 and has been subsequently discontinued. The old-style licence is a full page paper licence, which is still legally valid.

V5C (Logbook)

What we can accept:

  • A copy of page 1 and 2 of your V5C
  • Please make sure all the information is visible including the date you got your vehicle

If you don't have a V5C here are the alternatives you can send us:

  • New keepers slip - If you have purchased the vehicle in the last 42 days we can accept a completed New Keepers Slip
  • Lease agreement - If the vehicle is leased please send us a copy of your lease agreement. This needs to show the name of the leaseholder, vehicle description and the start date of the lease

Please send us page 1 and 2 of your VC5, which looks like this

We can accept:

Utility bills must be dated within the last 3 months of the date you took out your policy.

  • Electricity bill
  • Gas bill
  • Water bill
  • Council tax bill
  • Landline phone bill
  • TV license

We can't accept:

  • Tenancy agreements
  • Bank statements
  • Mobile phone bills