Passport dramas? Here's how to get home 

What to do if your passport is lost, stolen or expired 

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What to do if something happens to your passport while you're abroad.

If your passport is lost, stolen, destroyed or expires while you're abroad, don't panic! You'll still be able to get home safely.

If you're a British national, you can use an emergency travel document (also known as an emergency passport) to leave the country you're in and return home. This can be issued on short notice while you're still overseas. 

Your passport is covered by your insurance if you have selected baggage and personal belongings cover.

If your passport is lost, stolen or destroyed while you're away:

  • We pay up to £500 for the extra transport, accommodation and administration costs you have to pay to get a temporary passport so you can return home
  • We pay the equivalent cost (based on current replacement costs) of the period left on your passport if it's lost, stolen or destroyed

If you're due to travel within seven days of your trip start date and your passport is lost, stolen or destroyed, we pay up to £500 for the extra transport, accommodation and administration costs you have to pay to get a replacement. 

If it isn't possible to get a replacement in time for you to travel as scheduled, we pay up to £500 towards the cost of your trip if you have to cancel, or towards alternative travel to get you to your destination.

Please allow enough time on your passport for you to get home, as your policy doesn't provide cover if it expires.

My passport's been stolen, what do I do?

If your passport is stolen, you must contact the local police and report it. Make sure you keep any crime report details and reference numbers given to you by the police, as you may need these when applying for an emergency passport, as well as for your travel insurance claim.

Just as you'd cancel a credit card if it was lost or stolen, it's advisable to cancel your UK passport too. Do this before you apply for an emergency travel document, to save it from being compromised and used for ID theft.

There's a problem with my passport and I've left home already, what do I do?

If you're abroad and your passport has expired or is severely damaged and you can't use it on your return journey, you can apply for an emergency travel document (sometimes called an emergency passport). 

Check if emergency travel documents are accepted in the countries you’re travelling through. Read the entry requirement section of the latest travel advice for each country.

There’s a different way to get a passport urgently if you’re in the UK.

Only apply for an emergency passport if you need to travel before you can get a replacement one.

Where can I get an emergency travel document?

To get an emergency travel document while you're overseas, you need to find out where your nearest embassy, high commission or consulate is. The best way to do this is to visit the Foreign & Commonwealth Office website and find out exactly where to go.

You'll need to apply in person for your emergency travel document. Contact the nearest embassy, high commission or consulate to see if you need to book an appointment first.

Remember to take the following:
  • A completed emergency travel document application form
  • A recent photograph of yourself
  • Proof of your travel plans - e.g. booking confirmations (or detailed written travel plans if you can't book ahead)
  • A police report if your passport has been stolen

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