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News and guides about travel insurance

Travel insurance terms explained and jargon buster

Most popular travel insurance guides

A green cross on the outside of a building in a street

Holiday sickness scam crackdown

The government is creating a report on fraudulent holiday sickness fraud, after the ABTA reported a spike in claims.

A board showing that some flights have been cancelled

Cancellation cover guide

When you've looked forward to your holiday all year, the last thing you want to do is cancel it, but sometimes it's unavoidable.

A boarding pass and a American dollar

ESTA travel guide

In addition to your travel ticket and travel insurance, the other thing you'll need when you travel to America is an ESTA.

Travel insurance terms explained

There's a lot of specialist lingo used in the insurance industry, which is not always clear when you're a customer. Although we try to use plain English at LV=, it's all too easy to drop in the odd acronym and jargon. Here is a list of travel insurance terms, with clear explanations to help make sense of the words we use in our documents and online.

Book with a plane on it. The title says 'Travel jargon'

More travel insurance guides

ATOL protection guide

We're all told to look out for the ATOL logo when we’re booking our holiday. But just what is ATOL protection?

Travelling while pregnant

Whilst most insurance companies don't class pregnancy as a 'medical condition', there may be some restrictions.

Long stay travel insurance

Whether you're jetting off for a round the world adventure or you plan to spend the winter in the sun.

ABTA guide

ABTA provide advice and guidance to holidaymakers, and some financial protection if booking with an ABTA travel agent

Staycation insurance

So you may not be jetting off half way round the world, but you still want to make sure you're covered.

Travelling with medical conditions

Read our guide about how to get the most suitable travel insurance for your condition.

Gap year travel insurance

The gap year, no longer just for students, is becoming popular with a wide variety of people from different backgrounds and ages.

Flight delay travel insurance

You've packed your suitcase and just need to check in for your flight. It's all going well until you notice the flight has been delayed.

Scheduled airline failure insurance

Read our guide to find out how to make sure you're covered if your airline goes bankrupt.

Extreme sports insurance

There are some sports that you may consider mainstream, but your travel insurance company will consider extreme.

EHIC travel guide

If you're travelling to Europe soon, make sure you have your EHIC in place, as well as your European travel insurance.

Travel insurance for students

The long university or school holidays are an ideal time to take a break, relax and see the world.

ESTA travel guide

In addition to your travel ticket and travel insurance, the other thing you'll need when you travel to America is an ESTA.

Family and group travel insurance

Everyone can have the same cover when travelling with a group of friends or family.

Water sports insurance

Before heading off on your next water-based escapade, check you're covered for your activities.

Single trip travel insurance

Single trip travel insurance can be best suited for travellers who are only going on one trip per calendar year.

Annual travel insurance

If you travel two or more times a year, you could save time with an annual multi trip travel insurance policy.

Cruise cover

Whether cruising fjords, the Med or the Caribbean arranging cover for your cruise holiday couldn't be easier.

Over 50s travel insurance

If you’re over 50, it can seem difficult to find a travel insurance policy to suit you.

Over 65s travel insurance

It isn't always easy to find suitable travel insurance when you're over the age of 65.

Over 70s travel insurance

Retirement can mean more time to travel to new and exciting destinations.

Over 75s travel insurance

Having travel insurance cover in place before setting off can offer great peace of mind for travellers over 75 years old.

Over 80s travel insurance

You might be surprised to learn that LV= offers a choice of cover for over 80s travellers.

Your travel premium explained

Ever wondered how insurance companies work out the cost of of your cover? We break this down for you.

Golf travel insurance

Along with the green fees, the golf clubs, bag, trolley and physio for the bad back - golfing is not a cheap hobby!

Travel destination guides

For more travel destinations, check out our list of popular travel destinations abroad for UK visitors.

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